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In deep southern Florida, warm tropical ocean waters are colliding with a combo of thunderstorms and upper-level winds to create what the national weather service refers to as hurricane Cara. Down in south Florida was high rised bar called the Glass Key that was empty except for 3 people and an RV.
“Open up, Isa. You're my last appointment. I want to get home before it really starts raining!” A cynical women with short frizzy hair bangs on an old little RV.
“Oh, God. Do you have a warrant?”
“Oh, really, Isa? Every time? I'm your probation officer. I don't need a warrant.”
“Are you sure? This doesn't sound American.”
“Want to check under my bed? No dope smell? Shouldn't you mark that down?”
“You are not allowed a visit from your own cousin? How bad can you be?.” A middle aged man with a hawiian shirt and fedora covering his bare head and tan dark skin chuckled at the little gyspy girl. She slams the door in their faces.
“I am Helen, it's like the girl was daring me to report her for a violation.”
“My name is Michael Herman but you can call Mr.Herman, how respectful of authority were you at that age?”
“I am not the one under supervision, Mr. Herman. Now, can you confirm that Isa is fulfilling all the requirements of her probation?”
“I'm not her guardian. I'm her employer, and Isa is an exemplary employee.”
“Mr. Herman, why are you talking to me like a lawyer. Do you have something to hide?”
“I hear you have the tendency of putting people on the defense, Ms.Helen.”
“You know, I just want to wrap this up and get on the road.”
“I don't think that's gonna happen.”
“Why not? '
“Cause the news was wrong about hurricane Cara. It will be here in a bit”
“You mean I'm stuck here?”
Mr. Herman knocks on the RV while answering a call.
“Michael I just pulled over to tell you I'm not gonna make it. I'm sorry. I'm on emergency call because of the storm.”
“You have to make it. I'm planning on getting shut in for hours, maybe even days with nothing but Isa and her probation officer.”
“You guys know the drill. Please take care of Isa. If she wanted to run it would be now no cops will be able to drive.”
“Glass key is the designated shelter for the storm”
“That is a terrifying thoug-“
“She is probably better off running”
“I am kidding, I am kidding”
“Looks like the storm is hitting us now there's already been a storm surge here. Bridges are out all over the place. Alligators in the street.You know how it goes. Ok, make sure that old bar is still standing.”
“Bye.” He hangs up and sprints inside as it starts to rain.
“Mads can't make it.”
Everyone’s attention was on the old TV that was covered in plastic to prevent water damage. “Now officially a category-4 storm, hurricane Cara is expected to hit southern Florida with and torrential rain, trapping many of the residents.”
“Looks like you're gonna have to wait it out here.” He winks at Helen her response is of repulse. This makes him laugh.
“No! Seriously?! She makes a dash for it now, she...

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