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The Glass Menagerie Write An Essay On Jim, And How He Influences The Characters In The Play.

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Jim is considered by most critics to be the most important character in the play. Although he makes his appearance towards the end of the play, he has a key role in the life of the other three characters. Tom looks up to him as a man who has made of his life what he could, and squeezed out of it as much juice as he could. Amanda sees him as a Messiah that will put rightness into her daughter's situation. Finally Laura, who seems to be in love with him, and sees him as the felicity she will never obtain.Jim is a realistic and ordinary American man. During high school, he was a popular youngster, a successful debater and basketball player, and yearns those years. He sympathizes with anyone who remembers him as that popular boy, like Amanda and Thomas do. Jim is shown as an insensitive man, yet polite. He has no objection in facing reality; when he is alone with Laura, he directly tells her she suffers of an "inferiority complex". Nevertheless, his polite side is shown when he sees how inappropriate Amanda's dress is, yet shows no sign of laughter or sign of realising this, dissimulating this with a brief comment on the dress. Another characteristic of Jim is his perseverance; even though he works in a shoe deposit, he says to Laura that he is "disappointed but […] not discouraged". He has great plans of success with the television business.Tom feels frustrated; he feels he has not lived yet, and has wasted his twenty years in life. When his father left home, with the quest for adventures and long distances, the family responsibility fell on him. In the play, he is slightly over twenty years old, and most young men of that age were enjoying life, enjoying youth. The saloon across the street seems to be the contrast with the Wingfields's style life. When Tom goes out for a smoke, he looks towards this place as a glorious place. Instead, for relax, he appears to go to the cinema every night, and spend hours watching movies, looking for adventures in these fiction characters. The adventures he wants to live. As Jim, he works in the shoes deposit and earns a quite poor salary, although Jim is paid twenty dollars more than him. He has become close to Jim, and feels that although they both work in an ordinary shoe deposit, Jim has lived his life, whilst he has not, and is loosing his chance. Time is short for Tom, and he I willing to leave and have adventures as a sailor. When he is left alone in the balcony with Jim, he says he has not paid the light bill, and yet has used the money to pay for a ticket to become a sailor, and leave his family behind to have adventures and free his poetic spirit to fly free. When Jim asks him what about his family, he says he does not care. It seems that both his mother with her constant accusations towards him of selfishness, and the image of Jim's life, which he has lived fully, have both pushed him out of the house.Amanda, on the other side, sees him as a Messiah, who will save Laura. She lives in a fantasy...

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