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What is globalization? It can be simply defined as worldwide integration and development, but if asked to be defined by the world’s citizens it’s simply referred to as conflict. As you continue to read further, you will see how globalization and the north- south global divide play a key role in our nation’s economy. From the wars on European soil and increasing poverty in Africa, to the booming technological abilities in Japan, this one word will be an understatement to all things to come. I’ll explain how the global divide started and how globalization plays a key role in the world’s own destructive nature. As the gap between the two divides grows further and further apart, the one question still remains; could this gap ever be closed?
January 20, 1949, President Harry Truman’s Inaugural Speech brought the subject of “underdeveloped countries” to the attention of the United States congress. The United States GNP (gross national product) was used exponentially by its growing industries compared to the poorer countries of South America such as Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. During the World Wars, the economic instabilities were strongly tested, but being looked upon as a power house, the United States showed stability and perseverance. Thus, later leading too allegiances in the west during the Cold War (East and West divide).
Despite the World War 1 interruption, organized and sponsored research and development had its beginning in the early years of the 20th century. The United States made accelerating advances in the following decades which witnessed the dawn of the new concepts and discoveries in physical and biological sciences. The power of science and technology during World War 2 was fully interrupted. By the middle of the century the ground was prepared for more exceptional developments. United States and the USSR were left as the two super-powers after World War 2. These allies who fought with one another became sworn enemies for world supremacy based on their political ideologies and intense urge for national interest and global power.
The Cold War was the cradle to two nations savagely competing with one another for hegemony over other countries and military preparedness. During the years between the Renaissance and the industrial Revolution, the Americas, Africa and Asia were colonized by the Europeans. After freeing itself from the British’s grip, the pioneering spirit of its immigrants and immeasurable natural resources gave the U.S the democratic future it has today. By the middle of the 20th century, United States had collaborated with the European industrialization and overtook the rest of the world. Independent Latin American countries were plagued with internal conflicts and military dictatorships like Brazil, which isolated them from the rest of the world.
The “north” divide didn’t stop with just the exception of the United States economic growth, but with the remaining countries of the northern hemisphere also...

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