The Global Financial Crisis Has Provided Opportunities For Bric Countries .Discuss With Reference To Two Bric Countries.

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In 2007 to 2008, many developed countries entrapped an enormous critical state of global financial crisis and forced numerous countries into recession because the economic imbalances resulting from inefficient and unequal income distribution have not been properly addressed(IILS, 2008; Rajan, 2010)Nevertheless, the BRIC countries were feasible to withstand. The aim of this paper is to analyze China and Russia, which were able to take chances during the period, by looking into foreign direct investment (FDI) and an exportation in order to come up with the possibilities for both countries take crisis as opportunities (the global crisis, 2011).
China leaders are recognized as “authoritarian resilience”. They are flexible in both adaptations on altering environment and crisis managing abilities. Even more remarkably, leaders pursue reforms through the crisis. Besides, leaders have been executed the long term and unprecedented planning based on broad-based policy experimentation.(Dirk Schmidt,2009)

Foreign Direct Investment
China has started reform and open-door policies, FDI( foreign direct investment) influxes were promoted and it affected the country’s economy(Reuven Glick 2013). China focused on a program that is stimulated the global financial crisis. During the global crisis period, china was spotlighted country of FDI. It has been already registered for an early rebound of incoming flows in the late of 2009. Even more, in spite of the global crisis outbound FDI was extended to gain short resources and seek the develop market. In addition, the program has opened new opportunities that decrease the discordant within China region because foreign inverters tend to move in inland province. The outbound of FDI’s effect has increased. Thus China’s political authority has reinforced by global crisis, economic influence and inward, outward FDI. (Asia paper,n.d.)


China is a main importer practically of commodities. China stimulated strongly during the global financial crisis that leads in strong import demand and it was a critical support for global commodities prices. Though the reduction of foreign demand’s due to the global financial crisis and economic recession, China has maintained its relatively high growth rate during the period. The record of China’s exports on western demands for its goods was up to 40% of its GDP which shows that China is strongly attached with the global economies despite of the restriction. Specified its great level of export dependence, the surprising fact about the implementation of the Chinese economy through the global downturn was not that growth slowed substantially but that it was able to stay so high.
In 1998 to 1998, China have learned lessons from the financial crisis both a cooperation and maintenance countries strength in their financial systems and construction on high levels of international reserves. Moreover, China took the opportunities which...

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