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The Global Problem Of Human Trafficking And What Some Countries Are Doing About It

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Human trafficking forces millions against their will to beg, prostitute, or work in sweatshops for the profit of others. It is a crime against humanity that affects almost every country. The definition of human trafficking according to the book “Trafficking in Human$” is, the recruitment and transportation of human beings through deception and coercion for the purposes of exploitation. Human trafficking is an on-going issue with negative effects on individuals and society.
Under the umbrella of human trafficking lie servants, child slaves and adult and children trafficked or sold into sex slavery . A servant is defined as a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune . An estimated twenty-seven million people live as slaves ; and a disturbing four million persons are moved illegally from one country to another. There are a variety of reasons why human trafficking still exists today for instance poverty. Poverty places people in situations where they have few alternative opportunities. Their desperation for money to survive makes them vulnerable and powerless against the traffickers that come into their homes to offer them great sums of money for a new life . One case in Thailand, a 14 year old girl named Siri was approached by a well dressed women that offered her family $2,000 in advance against future earnings, which would be a little more than what the family would normally make yearly . Therefore, many times, these people are not consulted whether they want to go with the traffickers, but their parents or fathers decide for them. A Nepalese study of trafficked boys found that 33% were “talked into migrating” by their own family members . 30% of the women that are being trafficked are minors under the age of 13 . Another cause psychologist Kari Lydersen says is sexual abuse; “People who were sexually abused as children are a whopping 27.7 times more likely than others to be arrested for prostitution” . Other links between prostitution and sexual abuse is more than 90% of prostitutes lost their virginity through sexual assault and only 1% received counseling for the effects of the abuse . The cause of this immoral act comes the traffickers or pimps that sell these children, men and women. 200,000 sex slaves worldwide will bring their traffickers an annual profit of $10.5 billion . In Siri’s case she was only being paid $4 per customer while still having to pay for her rent and food; she will have to sleep with 300 men just to pay her monthly rent . The pimps use them up until they catch a disease such as HIV or AIDS. This occurs from men refusing to wear condoms, even though many Ministries of Health distribute free condoms, but unfortunate there is nothing the women can do about it . Sadly, this industry is a lot larger than people would like to admit and more disturbing than people could have even imagined.
Human trafficking has long and short-term effects on...

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