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The Global Water Shortage Essay

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One in three people on each continent is experiencing water shortages. This situation is exacerbated as population growth, urbanization and increasing domestic and industrial water needs. There are lots of countries that suffering with water shortage problems like India, Australia, China, Jordan.
India – In India, water shortages, particularly serious simply because the difference between actual food consumption and survival so precarious.
China has serious water shortages due to overuse and pollution of the environment and many people who live in places that do not have a lot of water. It is estimated that every year in China's shortage of water supply 40 billion cubic meters. In other words, every year, China uses 40 billion cubic meters of water five to seven times the number used in Southern California more than its resources can sustain.
Australia is one of the driest continents. The effects of water shortages being felt here. The country feels its worst drought in its history, and will have a negative impact on the food and the economy, except for their personal lives
Approximately 348 million people face serious economic water deficiency. They live in countries where potential water resources are sufficient to meet the reasonable water needs to 2025, but they should undertake massive improvement of water supply projects, at huge cost and probably serious harm to environment, to reach this purpose.
The Middle East is forbidden approximately 5% the population in the world. However, it has only 1% freshwater resources in the world. Jordan – one of the countries suffering from direct water deficiency, where the requirement exceeds natural delivery approximately on 175%, thus doing the country one from the best ten water – imperfect countries in the world. In Jordan irrigation water consumes a considerable share of the water budjet. It has been estimated it more than 69% of Jordan water resources were used for agriculture. The Jordanian farmers aspire to grew up crops with the highest commercial value without paying of attention to the possible influence on water resources and soil. The furrow and a pool irrigation were the most common methods in regions, but because of water deficiency they have been replaced by a drop irrigation to reduce water losses. The pool irrigation is used to irrigate mainly trees, mainly citrus. Many farmers have got used to cover their areas with serious agriculture and municipal water shortage, especially after the probable reduction in sedimentation and increase in variants to meet its growing demand, efficiency can be reached through the economy of unproductive water is used for an irrigation. Extreme water has been recently considered as important water resources to facilitate the worsened dilemma shortage of water and sedimentation reduction are mentioned by a climate. Jordan could face the serious long – term water crisis caused a number of natural and human factors. Because of droughty and semi...

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