The Globalization Of Disease And Africa: What Can Be Done

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In Africa, death by communicable disease is one of the most common ways to die. Last year alone nearly 627, 000 people died from malaria, and over a million more from HIV/AIDS. These are diseases that can be prevented, however they still claim millions of lives every year. Why is this? One reason is because of widespread drought and famine in Africa. It’s proximity to the equator makes it a hot, dry place where water can be scarce. Where water is available, it can contain waterborne diseases like Cholera and Dysentery. Famine is another cause of disease. Without food, a body’s immune system can take a major blow, making people prone to catching disease. If these famines are detected and ...view middle of the document...

While the new AIDS testing device is currently only sold in US markets, it has the potential to save millions of lives overseas, just by awareness.
So the question remains: what can be done to prevent these diseases from becoming so widespread? For starters, educating those in risk of disease about what they can do to prevent getting them is important. Another idea is a cheap, but effective, alternative to what they do already. There are numerous examples of these devices working to help communities in Africa. LifeStraw, a cheap water filter created to prevent Guinea Worm and diarrheal illnesses, has made a major impact in African communities. Due to the spread of Malaria in underdeveloped countries, mosquito nets have become a necessity in many African communities. A mosquito net is a thin net that goes over your bed, preventing the main vectors of the disease, mosquitoes, from transmitting the disease to you. They are cheap at $5, and very effective. All in all, the most important method to preventing diseases from spreading is monitoring at-risk areas for disease red flags, like unusual symptoms in people and dead livestock. The key to preventing epidemics is finding a disease before it spreads, finding what causes it, and preventing people from transmitting it to others.
So my proposal is this: a small, cheap device that can boil water for cooking, preventing water borne illnesses like...

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