The Globalization Of Exxon Mobil From 1980 To Present

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Since its discovery back in the year 1858 crude oil has been become one of the most sought after resources on the face of the planet. It is due to this fact that the oil industry has fallen into a rather odd category in the case of globalization and seeking out new markets, new labor and new customers. The reason being that the need for crude oil and fuel is always present therefore the product of oil in its basic sense sells itself and the companies do not have to go out and publicly advertise it in the sense that clothing lines and other commodities do. Oil companies must focus more on the matter of why an individual should buy their oil and along with other alternative fuels over their competitors even though in the end the companies products are the same thing. The company ExxonMobil has been the superior company in the oil industry for quite sometime now, and had plenty of success as individual companies before their merger in 1999. The reason for there success is partially due to the power they wield as the most successful company, leading to many new refineries around the world, making deals with smaller companies to gain access to new markets and are leading the world in alternative fuel research. However these things all come naturally to the biggest oil company in the industry, the real question is how they became the powerhouse they are now. That question can be answered by the way in which the company has not focused in globalizing their product of fuel and oil, but globalizing the image of the company company. This is achieved by focusing on charity in which they donate hundreds of millions of dollars, Foreign Direct Investment in areas in which they wish to expand by attempting to provide these impoverished areas with clean fuel. Along with making it very publicly know that they are directly investing their profits back into research for clean, alternative fuel. It is by doing these three crucial acts that ExxonMobil is able to globalize the image of being the “Nice Oil Company on the block” and emulating this idea that if a consumer is going to buy fuel anyways, why not from the ExxonMobil.
The company ExxonMobil offers an interesting insight into the inner workings of an oil company because not more than fourteen years ago they were two separate and very successful companies both sitting at the top of the industry. In the year 1980 the two companies bolstered sales revenue that towards the top of their industry. Exxon with 103 million dollars worth of revenue was by far the most dominant beating out the closest competitor, which was Royal Dutch by over thirty million dollars. Mobil Oil was not nearly as dominant in revenue but still bolstered a respectable with 59.5 million dollars worth of profit placing them in the upper half of the industry.1 As the 1980’s went on the oil industry began going through a bit of reconstruction in which efficiency and profit shot to the forefront of the minds of both oil executives and the...

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