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The Globe TheaterDuring the 1500s in England a break out of literary accomplishments arose that was never before seen in the history of the theater. In the new idea of theaters, playwrights lifted the Elizabethan Theater to new heights. People like Shakespeare dared to write plays about real people in a range of real situations. Through their efforts, Shakespeare produced plays that were far more complicated and entertaining than any plays of the past. Audiences expressed their pleasure by demanding more and more plays. The public shared a great deal of interest in the theaters and playwrights of this time. People from all over the city of London would travel to experience the drama of the Elizabethan Theater.The theater was a very important aspect of Elizabethan life in the medieval ages. Life in Elizabethan times was difficult and dangerous. Many people were poor tenant farmers, often living at the mercy of wealthy landowners. Elizabethans wanted relief from their harsh lives by going to plays and other forms of entertainment, which made the theater so important to Elizabethan culture. There were many theaters in Elizabethan times, all very similar to each other. However, when William Shakespeare began writing plays, his final production was so excellent, that no one else could compare. With this, Shakespeare was mainly featured at one theater, The Globe. With the popularity of playwrights in the middle ages, the theaters themselves were popular as well. By the late 1500s, performances were becoming expensive, closeing out the non-payers. The solution was to find or construct buildings that were suitable for the performance of plays. By the late 1500s, there were over a dozen theaters in the direct London area. At this time, the most popular theater, "The Theatre" housed the most important plays. For years, this one theater acted as the center of the town, where the most famous plays were shown. But in 1597, the lease on the land on which "The Theatre" sat expired and the owner of the land would not renew the lease.In the winter of 1598, while the original owner was away, the people of London decided to move the theater, board by board. They began to rebuild the theater in Southwark, London, near The Rose, The Swan, and The Hope theaters. After ten months of rebuilding, the theater was later renamed as The Globe in 1598. Upon...

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The Globe Theater...this essay talks about the Globe Theater and the entire history behind it. How it was created, etc.

606 words - 2 pages Among the many famous writers we have studied this year is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare's life was assuredly most intriguing. Seeking answers, we had simple questions we wanted to determine. What were his morals? His passions? His legacy? When studying Shakespeare, we found that his life revolved around the Globe Theatre. Naturally we wanted to see why Shakespeare spent so much of his life involved in the Globe.The first Globe lasted from

Globe Theater Essay

1096 words - 4 pages II. Structure of the Globe The theater that Cuthbert Burbage built for the Chamberlain's Men had a total capacity of between 2,000 and 3,000 spectators. Because there was no lighting, all performances at the Globe were conducted, weather permitting, during the day (probably most often in the mid-afternoon span between 2 P.M. and 5 P.M.). Because most of the Globe and all of its stage was open air, acoustics were poor and the actors were

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1325 words - 5 pages Shakespeare's Globe Theatre        The Globe Theater, an entertainment outlet for all people of that time, provided a place for Shakespeare's plays to be performed.  It was the third and most famous playhouse in London.  When it was built, it was one of the most important playhouses in London.  The Globe's architecture was intriguing for its time and its life was long and prosperous. The Globe was built by two brothers, Cuthbert

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1159 words - 5 pages magnificent Shakespearean tragedies used special effects. The purpose built Globe theatre allowed stage productions to become quite sophisticated with the use of massive props such as fully working canons, although it would of course had to be left on stage for the entire performance of the play. Special effects at the Globe were also a spectacular addition at the theater allowing for smoke effects, the firing of a real canon, fireworks and spectacular

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1312 words - 5 pages theater and the globe 1. locations and characteristics 2. Burbage and other accomplishment Elizabethan Drama During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, England underwent a dramatic change in priorities. The importance of art and literature became highly prevalent. The impact of the Elizabethan drama and style still influences culture. It changed altered it into what it modern literature and theater is today. The Elizabethan Age began during the last

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733 words - 3 pages ignited a blaze and the whole globe was burned to the ground. The Globe was reconstructed in 1614. However in 1642 twenty-five years after Shakespeare's death, the Puritans closed down the theatre, and mostly all of England's theatres to make housing. After an absence of 400 years from London's theater scene, Shakespeare's Globe rises again on the South Bank of the Thames River. The New Globe Theatre is not a perfect reproduction of the

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1504 words - 6 pages apron; which is right in front of the stage, is often called the Thrust. In theaters there are different types of stages. One type of stage is a Thrust stage. A Thrust stage surrounds the audience on three sides and the fourth side serves as a background. The stage is often set up as a square or as a rectangle. The Globe theatre was set up as a Thrust theatre (a popular theater that was built in Shakespeare’s time). It was built by a theatrical

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1849 words - 7 pages fire burning the theater down. The second Globe Theatre was then built a year later. In June of 1614, Globe Theatre was put back together after the fire. The stage remained to put on wonderful plays. Then, 28 years later, Puritans tore down the theatre to build homes for others. A new Globe Theatre has been built for actors and actresses to perform on today (Gaj 43-47, 52) Globe Theatre inspired and entertained people during the Elizabethan Age

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567 words - 2 pages his plays unique and memorable such as breathing new life into characters, creating intriguing new plots, and most importantly, expressing emotions through his poetic dialogues.As Shakespeare's fame grew, his financial status got better and his power grew with it. He was accepted as a member of Lord Chamberlain's Men, which was one of the most famous acting troupes of the time. When the Globe Theater was built in 1935, he became one of the owners

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831 words - 3 pages troupe of players and made his way to London. As a member of London's leading theater company, the Lord Chamberlain's Company, he wrote plays and eventually became a sharer in the Globe theater. He was so successful that in 1596 he successfully renewed his father's application for a grant of arms, and the following year he bought and restored New Place, the second-largest house in Stratford. Shakespeare semi-retired from London life some time around

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1087 words - 5 pages William Shakespeare spent the later years of his life in London, England. This part of his life deserves to be noted, because of his outstanding accomplishments towards society. A big part of Shakespeare’s accomplishments derive in the city of London. William Shakespeare’s life in London consisted of the lost years, involvements with the Globe Theater, creations of brilliant Early works, articulate writing styles that catch the eye, and

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1843 words - 7 pages "His Majesty's Servants," its principals enjoying an exalted status as members of James I's royal household. The aura of royal patronage extended to its commercial productions at the Globe, to performance staged at the more intimate Blackfriars Theatre, and, of course to special command performances before the royal court at Whitehall Palace.II. Structure of the GlobeThe theater that Cuthbert Burbage built for the Chamberlain's Men had a total

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1103 words - 4 pages The Globe Theater is widely known as the world’s greatest amphitheatre of its time, bringing in crowds of thousands of people. The Globe was also where most of the famous playwright, William Shakespeare, performed his plays. With its unique design, the audience was able to enjoy the plays. Inside of this round and globe-like structure, the people from all around the area packed into the seats to watch Shakespeare and his actors. Despite the