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The Globe Theater, Home Of Many Of Shakespeare's Plays

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Shezetta McCaskill
Ms. Robinson
English IV / 4th Hour
24 February 2014
The curtains of the play draw, the audience, quiet and eager waits for the lights to dim to see what William Shakespeare had brought before them. Shakespeare’s plays became enjoyable and fun to watch, seeing actors dress in amazing costumes and props used in The Globe Theater. (1-1)
The Globe Theater Architecture based on the structures similar to The Coliseum in Ancient Rome. Architecture on a grand size would house a capacity between 1500 to 3000 people. Classic Greek and Romans admired by the Elizabethans and sometimes great columns included the architecture. The Globe Theater design reflected the elements of Roman or Greek classical plays. It had supposed that the Globe Theater had an octagonal shaped building. The design of The Globe Theater included the features of the existing sport rings such as the Bear Garden, which became used with the addition of a fixed stage. A thatched roof composed with either straw or reeds. Packages of straw or reeds piled on top of the roof. The bundles had circumference between 24 to 27 inches and range from three to seven feet long. (2-3)
The structure of The Globe Theater quite complicated. There isn’t an inside picture of the Old Globe Theater existence just a diary composed together with sketches of the interior layout. Pictures of other theaters such as The Swan and the Elizabethan theaters had similar design. Before entering the Globe Theater the audience paid a fee of one cent in the box to watch. The halfway task structures lead to yard where groundlings to watch the play. The Lord’s room rated the best seats in the house. The Lord’s room able to hear and listen to the actors clearly. The upper class paid five pennies and cushioned seats were supplied. The Heavens, a hidden area from the audience this provided a place for actors to hide. A selection or ropes and rigging would allow for special effects, such as flying or exciting entries. They would have crowded around each side of the stage structure. At the time bathrooms weren’t built so people would relieve themselves outside. (3-1)
The Globe Theatre built by a carpenter named Peter Smith and his workers. The theater’s wooden framework made at the builder’s yard. Eventually taken apart and each piece marked for re-assembly on site. Bear-building rings may have proposed to build the theater. It looked circular though in fact it had several short sides. At the site carpenters constructed the marks and set up the frames. The walls filled with entwine wattle and plastered over. Thatcher’s or tillers covered the roof that sheltered the galleries. The painting of the Globe was described as gorgeous or beautiful. On June 27, 1613 a fire broke out at the Globe Theatre by the cannons that were used for special effects. It filled with gunpowder and wadding. The thatched roof caught fire and the Globe Theatre burned to the ground. In 1614 the Globe Theatre rebuilt again...

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