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The Globe Theater...This Essay Talks About The Globe Theater And The Entire History Behind It. How It Was Created, Etc.

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Among the many famous writers we have studied this year is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare's life was assuredly most intriguing. Seeking answers, we had simple questions we wanted to determine. What were his morals? His passions? His legacy? When studying Shakespeare, we found that his life revolved around the Globe Theatre. Naturally we wanted to see why Shakespeare spent so much of his life involved in the Globe.The first Globe lasted from 1599-1613. Additionally, this structure was called the "wooden o" playhouse. Before the Globe, there was another "Theatre", which many people do not realize. "The Theatre" prospered for 21 years. Refusing to renew the players' lease, the landowner Giles Allen caused an unexpected problem for the players. James Burbage had recently died and his two sons, Richard and Cuthbert became managers. Although Allen owned the land, the sons owned the Theatre, and they wanted their valuable timber. In desperation, the brothers decided to take action. They leased land across the river and they waited until Christmastime to strike, when they could be sure Allen was away on vacation. At night they began to dismantle the Theatre piece by piece and floated it across the river Thames. With the timber, the brothers and their friends reconstructed their cherished playhouse. Because of the saying "the whole world is a stage" they would call it the Globe Theatre. By the middle of 1599 the Globe opened and was a huge success. Audiences were packed in "the house with a thatched roof", sometimes even so much as three thousand people could be held at once. For sixpence the rich sat in the Lord's Rooms to get a better view, which were on the top half of the Globe. For threepence they sat on cushions in the Gentlemen's...

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The Globe Theater Essay

1136 words - 5 pages Shakespeare was a member of the Chamberlain's Company, and therefore he became a shareholder in the theater. The profits actors made off of their shares was their main means of support, as it was for Shakespeare. It was not his plays as some people may think, which were often worth very little and ended up as property of the acting company. The Globe was just one of many theaters built in London around this time. The

Williams Shakespeare and The Globe Theater

1080 words - 4 pages , middle, and upper classes lives. The people were so interested in the plays that were performed there The Theater used colored flags to show what plays were being performed that day. A black flag was meant to represent a tragedy, white was a comedy and red history. This building was not just an ordinary building, but it was a place that opened an experience of new and amazing things to all type. June 29 1613, a huge accident occurred at The Globe

Globe Theater

1096 words - 4 pages City's officials. But while the Globe Theatre, and indeed, the entire Elizabethan theater scene opened its doors to the low life of the pits, it also accommodated an audience of higher-status, well-heeled, and better educated individuals. As Harry Levin notes in his general introduction to the Riverside Shakespeare (1974), the "Globe was truly a microcosm or little world of man". With its logo of Hercules holding up the earth (as a

All the World’s a Stage: The Globe Theater

839 words - 4 pages Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear, and Hamlet. The Globe Theater was the most magnificent theater London had seen built at this time and the open air-amphitheater could hold several thousand people. The exterior appearance of the Globe can be pieced together from sketches of the theater found in Elizabethan city scenes. The actual dimensions of the Globe are unknown but it was approximated to be a three-story structure that was almost

The Globe Theater, Home of Many of Shakespeare's Plays

1260 words - 6 pages would crowd to the Globe Theater to go to the market carts and join the holiday-like mood. The Globe would have especially draw young people and they many protests of newbies that would avoid work to go to the theater. A trumpet sounded to announce to people that the play was about to start at the Globe Theatre in order for people to take their final seats. (Morley 30) Wandering actors began to form themselves into companies which put together

The Globe Theater: The Amphitheater and Its Role in The Renaissance Time Period

1103 words - 4 pages Globe Theater’s success, the theater had gone through many shut downs and rebuilding projects. Finally, the Globe was demolished for the last time. It was not until years later that the theater was discovered. Now, people from around the world are learning about this amphitheater and its role in the Renaissance time period. The Globe Theater is known for its structure, audience and actors, and history. To begin, the Globe had a distinct structure

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The Globe Theater Essay

1125 words - 5 pages created magic in the Globe Theater. John Fletcher was there and he was determined that he was never going anywhere anytime soon. Furthermore, the location of the theater has a lot of history to why it was built. The theater was built because the governor was receiving complaints from the citizens. The citizens were explaining to the governor how they should build something for them to do in their pastime. Around this time, nothing was built

The Globe Theater Essay

1186 words - 5 pages The Globe Theater is truly a magnificent site that reminds us of our early theater. It was built in 1599 and lasted until 1613. It was rising to popularity with other theatres during this time and was built along with many other. Literature exploded with new forms of writing and various attractive playwrights. People during this time were very excited for entertainment and many different kinds of it such as. Theater was an influential part in

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816 words - 3 pages The Globe TheaterDuring the 1500s in England a break out of literary accomplishments arose that was never before seen in the history of the theater. In the new idea of theaters, playwrights lifted the Elizabethan Theater to new heights. People like Shakespeare dared to write plays about real people in a range of real situations. Through their efforts, Shakespeare produced plays that were far more complicated and entertaining than any plays of

The Globe Theater Essay 1843 Words

1843 words - 7 pages was set ablaze by a cannon fired in a performance of Henry VIII and the Globe burned to the ground. By this time, Shakespeare was in semi-retirement at Stratford-on-Avon where he would die three years later at the age of fifty-two. The Globe was reconstructed in 1614, with tiles replacing flammable straw on its partial roof. In 1642, however, a quarter-century after Shakespeare's death, a new, Puritanical and decidedly anti-theater regime assumed power in England and closed down all of the country's theaters. Two years later, Cromwell's round heads tore down the Globe, leveled the site and constructed tenement housing upon it.