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The Goal By Eliyahnu Goldratt And Jeff Cox

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The Goal by Eliyahnu Goldratt and Jeff Cox

In presenting the analysis of The Goal by Eliyahnu Goldratt and Jeff Cox, the
major points and ideas that were examined mainly included what the goal of any
company should be, which the answer is to make money. The book is about transforming
management in the business world. How to rethink the old rules of business are presented
by Goldratt. This novel centers around the theory of constraints, as an overall philosophy
applicable to running and improving an organization. The author gives three methods to
use simultaneously inorder to accomplish the goal of making money. Whatever the
nature of the business increasing throughput, decreasing inventory and decreasing
operational expense are the parameters on which a manger should contend with to gain
control and meet the goal. The book tells a story that incorporates these parameters in
what turns how to be an informative and entertaining novel.
Goldrattr's uses a fictional story to develop the techniques of Total Quality
Management. He uses a production plant with the main character of the book being the
plant manger to illustrate the philosophy of TQM. By telling a story about this plant
mangers journey of reaching the goal of his plant to keep it from closing its doors due to
poor output, the author explains and examines the thinking process in specific functional
areas such as sales, marketing, logistics, finance and accounting. The author's purpose
for writing such a book, is to explain that common sense techniques needed to
understand the concepts on how to apply these tasks in management and be successful at
the same time. The target audience for such a lesson is any manger in any industry. The
topics of concern can be applicable in many different disciplines of management, wither
it is in the service or the product industry.

In developing a critique for this book one would have to enlist the creativity that
the author uses to write his story. Goldratt's book is a text book for students and mangers
in the business world. But, there is a major difference between The Goal and the text
book bought for a Total Quality Management class. Unlike a text book which gives
definitions of concepts and charts on the concepts. Goldratt story gets your attention from
the very beginning and makes you turn each page, by having each teaching lesson woven
into a fictional story line of a plant mangers and his life. And his life includes his work as
a manger and his life as a father and a husband.
After reading this book, the reader feels as if they took something from the story
that could be used in their work place. The reader becomes more knowledgeable about
TQM. Also the reader understandings that "thinking outside the box" is important to
solve problems. This book teaches managers that the old ways of doing things in business
are not always the right way. Sometimes one must look for new ideas and new

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