The Goal Heard Around The World:

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The 1972 Summit Series was More than Just a Hockey Tournament At the end of the Cold War, most of the world had not realized that two countries had their own battle taking place. In 1972, Canada and the USSR set a proposal to clash at a type of battle they both were good at - hockey! They agreed on an eight game Summit Series in which the winning team would not only prevail on the ice, but on another level as well. This exhibition series was about a country's national pride, going to extreme measures to be there for their team, and it was a big Ideological battle of democracy against communism. Consequently, the 1972 Summit Series had a lot more significance to Canada and the USSR, than just being a mere hockey game.During the summit to the top, the hockey players and the fans were filled with a deep sense of nationalism; each country was filled with pride and joy. Since the announcing of an exhibition series between the two, Canadians and Soviets alike cheered and barracked the teams during training camp and throughout the games. There were no neutral fans during these games; people were rooting for Canada or the Soviets, and one did not like the opposing side. Marcel Dionne said, "I remember… talking to Yvon Cournoyer… He just looked at me and said, 'You can't believe their strength and conditioning!' The Soviets impressed their opponents and quieted down the Canuck fans." Many of the spectators were surprised at how good the Soviets were doing, even the Soviets themselves. They trained for this series for a much longer time than Canada did.Furthermore, in game eight, the series was at a tie. With thirty-eight seconds to go in the third period, Canadians were on the edge of their seats when Paul Henderson made his way down the ice to score the tie-breaking goal for Canada. "Here's a shot. Henderson makes a wild stab for it and falls," Foster Hewitt said. "Here's another shot. Right in front. They Score!! Henderson has scored for Canada!" As Foster Hewitt described it, it was "the goal heard around the world". Millions of Canadians danced and hugged in the scene, as they knew that Canada was the great hockey supremacy, living up to its great name.Even the players had things to say about these games. Yvon Cournoyer, a Canadian winger at the game said, "Seventeen years later, people are still talking about it. They can still remember where they were when the series was on…It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing…This series is… a big event that touched a lot of people." These set of games inspired a lot of people and showed many Canadian fans that teamwork, hope and skill can make dreams a reality. As a result, the two nations had their national pride on the line during this series; when one lost then they would live in the shadows of the proud victor.Since all the Canadians and Soviets knew what was on the line, they went to extreme measures to be there for their team. Many people decided that this exhibition series was...

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