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In previous times it has been thought, by some, that with a college degree a person could have any job and would be very successful. In Colonial America, colleges were mainly founded by the wealthy. The goal of college at this time was to “produce Christian gentlemen who would inherit their family business” (Thelin). After a “college boom” so many state colleges were built and some became co-ed, adding “special” courses for women. The goal of college attendance still was not completion of a bachelor’s degree. College during this time was mainly primary learning so students could eventually move onto college-level higher learning. “Students sometimes took two years of courses in order to earn an LI (license of instruction) certificate to teach public school” (Geiger). Recently there has been debate over whether or not a college degree is really worth it anymore. Some people think getting an education isn’t worth the money. It can be argued that with a college degree you can get a better job. Going to college, seems to be the obvious next step for many high schoolers. Getting a college degree and education is worth it. Students will come to find that the benefits of having a degree outweigh the negatives. College helps prepare students for the future and exposes them to life experiences.
College helps students learn interpersonal skills. Being in college is way for students to socialize better. Living on campus students have many opportunities to interact with many different types of people. Students also can develop better social skills whether it is by partying or joining different clubs and organizations. “According to Arthur Chickering's "Seven Vectors" student development theory, ‘developing mature interpersonal relationships’ is one of the seven stages students’ progress through as they attend college” (Chickering). It is also said that college graduates are more productive as members of a society. Henry Bienan, PhD, President Emeritus of Northwestern University argues that a college education results in "greater productivity, lower crime, better health, and better citizenship for more educated people"(Intelligence Squared). College ends up teaching people to work hard for what you want and to stay focused. College graduates make for a better society.
College exposes students to diverse people and ideas. The community of people on a college campus means students are likely to make diverse friends and business connections, and, potentially, find a spouse or mate. “It’s not all about the numbers either: young people with college degrees are also more likely to be married, less likely to live at their parents’ home and more likely to be satisfied with their jobs” (Arrouas). The variety of people, on campus, gives college students the opportunity to learn about different cultures, religions and the different personalities of the people on campus.
Student’s debt forces them to live with parents and delay marriage and financial independence....

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