The Purpose Of Prisons Essay

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The Purpose of Prisons

In prisons today, rehabilitation, deterrence, incapacitation, and retribution are all elements that provide a justice to society. Prisons effectively do their part in seeing that one if not more of these elements are met and successfully done. If it were not for these elements, than what would a prison be good for? It is highly debated upon whether or not these elements are done properly. It is a fact that these are and a fact that throughout the remainder of time these will be a successful part of prison life.
When a prisoner enters a prison, it is presumed he is guilty of the crime he was charged with. If this is true, the prison has an obligation to do something about this criminal. They are not going to let the prisoner sit there and rot. If that were the case, when that prisoner would be released, he would be released the same if not worse a person from when he went in. This is when the prison steps in and starts the rehabilitation process. In prisons, there are many different types of programs that are done to aid in bettering the prisoner. There are meetings they can attend with psychiatrists to allow the prisoner to vent his emotions and allow the psychiatrist to see inside the prisoners mind. This process allows for room to start curing the problem. Maybe it is anger that sparks the actions, or maybe it is something else. Either way the prison is aiding in changing the prisoner's attitude and making them suitable for release in the future. Also there are endless amounts of resources such as books and computers. A prisoner has all the chances to receive a good education through prison schooling. Now or days this is a great thing because prisoners can get jobs when they get out. This is a lot better than returning to a life of crime. These programs are working great because 75% of prisoners do not return to prison once they get out. This is proof that the prisons are doing their job in rehabilitating prisoners.
Prisons not only rehabilitate, but they also deter people from going to prison. The fear of going to prison is a great deterrence for a perspective criminal. Hard life styles along with loss of freedom tend to push the criminal...

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