The Godfather As A Part Of American History

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The Roswell Incident, fact, fiction or military covers up
There are many movies about what happened that night on 4th July 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. You may have seen the X-files, Unsolved Mysteries and some other films or series that talk about UFO’s, aliens and other mysteries connected with this event. However, to find truth is something not very easy to do such as there is a huge amount of conspiracy theories and we do not know which one is the real one, and what actually happened still remains a mystery. By doing this research, I want to find out the truth about what really happened and how has it changed society. The fact is, that Roswell incident really changed the opinion of society during time and people started to believe that aliens visit us and US government is trying to hide something. This event totally changed the way society views the government forever.
There is no doubt that something crashed in Roswell on 8th July. The headline of the Roswell Daily Record reads "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region." 1 Interesting is that the next day the headline read "Weather balloon was mistaken as UFO." 1 Many people wondered how someone could mistake a weather balloon for an UFO, so most of the people started to believe that UFO crashed in Roswell, because it was the first report. A lot of people begin to think that the government is trying to cover something up, however nobody knows what it could be. Ideas were that it might have been a test plane, an alien aircraft or some secret project of US government. Either way, society do not trust the government as they used to, even if the covering the truth might be for their own safety.

1. Roswell Daily Record. July 8, 1947.
It was Mac Brazel, a local New Mexico rancher, who discovered a huge amount of debris on the way to check his sheep in the morning, after a stormy night. A massive hole was created and parts of the thing were scattered over a quite large area. Some of the debris had very strange physical properties. Brazel tried to destroy the pieces, but it seemed impossible to even slightly damage them. He tried to burn them, scratch them with a knife and no marks appeared. He took some debris to show his neighbours and his son. Soon after that, he notified George A. Wilcox, who was the Chaves County sheriff and told him about his find. The authorities at Roswell Army Air Field Base were immediately contacted and Brazel was questioned and kept for a number of days.
Apart from the wreckage which was found, there were three objects that were frequently mentioned. Three bodies when two were dead and one died in a couple of weeks. No one knows whether it is actually true, because it is determined only by several witnesses who claim to have seen the bodies. Some of these people turned out to be quite highly respected military officers. A few people say that the bodies were human and that...

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