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The Gods Must Be Crazy Essay

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1. Give a short description of the plot.
Answer: The plot is about Xi and his tribe which are completely separated from the rest of the world, one day an empty bottle surprisingly lands unbroken near Xi and his tribe, the native inhabitants had never seen such a thing in their entire lives and thought that it was a gift from the gods. It comes to use for many different tasks. But there’s only one bottle and everyone needs it and wants it for their own good. They soon start finding themselves expecting envy, violence and selfishness.
Nevertheless, the leader of the clan takes as a task to drop the bottle down from the edge of the world, so he takes some equipment with him and starts walking. On his way to the edge of the world he tumbles into which are strange too him, organized people with clothes, etcetera.
Unable to speak their language and understand the law, he breaks a rule and finds himself in prison. Two people rescue him and lets him work for them instead of serving his time in prison, when he’s done serving time as taken in custody, he continues walking towards the edge of the world.
Eventually, Xi finds himself on top of a cliff with layers of clouds obscurring what’s below.
Convinced that this is the edge of the world, Xi throws the bottle down and let’s it be embraced by the clouds, he then walks back to his family and gets greeted with a warm welcome.

2.When and where does the movie take place?
Answer: This movie takes place in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.
The movie was made in 1980 and it’s recorded as in present time.

Describe the bushmen.
Answer: The bushmen are aborigine tribes around Africa and they don’t have any connection to the rest of the world, so they live with their tribe members isolated from other human beings for their whole lives.

Explain the title.
Answer: The Gods must be crazy. When the bottle, as mentioned, fell down from the sky, they thought that the Gods blessed them with a gift. However, it revoke insanity instead,(slightly exaggerated) so the tribe’s members’ recanted what they had said about it being a gift and instead, thought that the Gods must be angry with them for giving them the ‘evil...

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