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The Gog And Magog Prophecy In Ezekiel 38 39

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Within the Abrahamic religions eschatology brings forth much debate, this is to include Ezekiel’s chapter 38-39 in reference to Gog and Magog. The prophecies from Isaiah to Revelation are interwoven therefore making it important to identify, and understand the accomplices, interludes, geography, and various elucidations which assist in accurately analyzing and understanding this prophecy. It is important to acknowledge that “the major interpretive difficulties in these two chapters are the identity of characters and places, as well as the time when these events occur.” There are vast elucidations regarding the invasion of Gog and Magog, therefore, requiring a concentration on Dispensationalism and various scholars interpretations to include: “John Walvoord, beginning of the tribulation; D.L. Cooper, before the tribulation; A.C. Gaebelein, beginning of the millennium; Charles Feinberg, end of the tribulation; and C.C. Ryrie, multiple fulfillments,” each having its own strengths and weaknesses, is the basis of this work. This being said, this paper will not postulate a conclusive resolution when concerning this prophecy, rather it will patron an culmination of the tribulation position, as many souls have disputed over this topic throughout the centuries.
When considering elucidation and syntactical organization Ezekiel should be construed as “literal” because “there is not a syllable at the beginning of this chapter to alert us to explain the passage in any other than a literal method.” Mechanical arrangement of the two chapters can be demarcated in various ways, and may be prudent to utilize “four main divisions” which are branded by identified “four commands to the prophet: 38:2, 14 and 39:1, 17.” Contextualizing final chapters of the book of Ezekiel is crucial as: “Chapter 34 emphasized the rulers; chapter 35, the enemies; chapter 36, the nation converted; chapter 37, the nation resurrected; chapters 38-39, the land; and chapters 40-48, the sanctuary.”
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Various interpretations are based upon the characteristics of those implicated, in the time of Ezekiel specific entities may have been of minute credibility, but in light of present circumstances the precision of the contributors should validate our certainty in prophetical attributes. It is imperative to concede that we are approaching the end times; and, the inimitable exactitude of the prophetical attributes of Scripture. “Ezekiel wrote his book some 2,600 years ago (in Old Testament times), Islam did not come into being until the seventh century A.D. This means that at the time Ezekiel wrote his book, the conditions for unification of these nations did not exist.” The bulk of the nations revealed in this specific prophecy are also referred to in the record of nations found in Genesis 10, this record hosts an inventory of Noah’s sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth. This emanates following the post Noetic Flood directives to “replenish the earth” (Gen. 9),...

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