The Golden And Gray Path Essay

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Sometimes one has to contemplate between the right and the wrong, but what does one do when it turns into an internal conflict that is a constant battle? This judgement is made on what the person thinks is right, and that varies from person to person. The characters from the play, A Doll’s House, written by Henrik Ibsen, have made immoral decisions without a second thought, and they face problems that seem to build up over time. One example would be Nora from the play. She initially made the decision to save her husband’s life, but not everything went smoothly because she accomplished her goal by going against set rules. In A Doll’s House, Ibsen illustrates through this drama that a ...view middle of the document...

In addition, dialogue plays into this drama to help convey the message of the author. After Mrs. Linde came to see Nora after years of no contact, they sit down and begin to chat. Mrs Linde carries the conversation saying, “no, no, no, tell me about yourself,”  with which Nora replies with, “No, you begin… I want to think of only you today… Did you hear of the wonderful luck we had recently?” This displays Nora’s ignorance, because after years of not seeing one another, she should have asked about Mrs. Linde’s life and how things were. Instead, she decides to boast about her own life and how amazing things were going for her. This would most likely offend Mrs. Linde because she was a guest after all. Also, Nora gained a piece of knowledge when her and her good friend, Dr. Rank, began to converse. He began with, “A lawyer of the name Krogstad, a fellow you don’t know at all. He suffers from a diseased moral character, Mrs. Helmer.” (Act I). Her curiosity itched at her, since she replied with, “...But tell me, was it really something very bad that this Krogstad was guilty of?” (Act I). Mr. Krogstad was shocked, telling her that “he forged someone’s name” and asking her if she knew what all of this meant. The dialogue helps the reader with the comprehension of the story. The conflict of the story is introduced and emotion is expressed. Dialogue is the main element in a play, and it was a key factor in explaining the thoughts of the author.
Finally, conflict is the third literary element that is blended into this play to express the thoughts of Ibsen. After Torvald found out about Nora’s dirty little secret, he was seething with anger. He raged and screamed, saying things like, “Oh, what an awful awakening! In all these eight years-- she who was my pride and joy-- a hypocrite, a liar-- worse, a criminal!” (897). He blamed her for having “no religion, no morals, no sense of duty” (897), and brought her long gone father into the mess that was created....

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