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The Golden Rule Essay

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Now days every time we turn around we hear of horror stories or stories of unbelievable proportions because it seems so unbelievable. Stories such as people murdering people for no reason, robbery in broad daylight, “cover up” from the government, and unfortunately the list is endless. And when we hear the stories we often wonder what causes these people to behave that way or better yet we say: “I can’t believe that”. The next question comes to mind, is what happened to their morals? And because unethical acts seems to be touching everyone’s life one way or another, this narrative touches on the different types of ethics and their meanings. For many years people such as Confucius to Aristotle to our own Benjamin Franklin, have attempted to explain their views on “what consists of good morals and ethics.” We all seem to have morals and ethics at some point in our lives (probably around childhood); but over the years many of us have lost them. And unfortunately for whatever reasons there are, people seem to have less and less compassion and care for their fellow man. Having said that, doesn’t everyone deserve to be treated with dignity and respect? After many years of research, there still is not a relevant reason for this injustice. After delving into the presented research and resources, perhaps the reader can come to a conclusion. Presented in this paper are comparisons of the different types of “personalities or morals” and their beliefs and thoughts. I think we should all be concerned about this situation because every day it impacts our lives.
Keywords: ethics, morals, character

Ethics, Morals and Values:
An Analysis
What exactly is Ethics? “Ethics comes from the Greek ethos, meaning character”. “Morality comes from the Latin moralis, meaning customs or manners”. (Thiroux & Kraseman, 2009, p 3). And, my definition of morals is traits that you learn and fine-tune over the years of your life. It’s what you’re made of, what your character is, the ability to deal, interact and respect people; and finally it’s what helps you lead a harmonious life.
Because everyone looks at things different in life, that does not necessarily mean they have no morals. Some look at the “glass half full, while some look at it half empty.” Everyone has the right to their own opinions as long as it is not harmful or detrimental to others. But there are others who are all about themselves, don’t have any consideration for anyone but themselves.
I think The Ten Commandments is an excellent tool for living ones’ life. We all cannot follow each and every one of them but the object is to at least follow the basic ideas, and live ones’ life as a decent human being. Furthermore, to prove my point I conducted research to find out what people really thought of today’s’ society and its’ morals.
Each year there is an organization (Gallup) that is responsible for taking polls from average citizens like you and I. In May 2010, it...

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