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The Golden Rule Essay

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The Golden Rule "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" has been one of the golden rules to moral standards of people ever since time began. In Kate Choplin's essay "A Respectable Woman", Choplin identifies her view of a respectable woman through an instance in the life of a woman named Mrs. Baroda and her husband Gaston. In the essay, Gaston has a friend named Gouvernail who pays a visit to Gaston, his former college friend. During Gouvernail's stay, Mrs. Baroda, who is described as a respectable woman, begins to change due to the fact that she begins to see Gouvernail as a nuisance. It is shown indirectly that she wants to say something to Gouvernail but doesn't because of the devoted love she has for her husband. She respects her husband's friend by not acting out or expressing her true feelings towards to Gouvernail. By this, Mrs. Baroda is portrayed as a respectable woman, but it is because she is ambivalent, ambitious, and faithful, that truly shows her respectfulness as well as for any other woman.To have ambitions is to be determined to never give up on a goal and to pursue the lifeline of that goal to the very end. Many have seen a focused batter step up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning of a baseball game with salty dripping sweat on his forehead as he patiently waits for the right pitch to hit out of the ballpark for the game winning homerun. Many others have seen a college student closing his or her weary eyes before an exam to review one last time over the material as the sound of pencil tapping is heard throughout the room. Ambitions can take many direct forms. In Choplin's essay, Mrs. Baroda is determined to get her way without hurting the desired feelings of others. Mrs. Baroda's thoughts and her intentions were so confused that, in her better judgment, she decided to leave her house to go to the city and to stay with her aunt until Gouvernail was gone. She was determined to show that she did not hate Gaston's friend, but just did not want his company at the time. Mrs. Baroda shows this at the very end of the essay by allowing her husband to invite Gouvernail back for another visit in the near future. As Gouvernail handed Mrs. Baroda a filmy white scarf, Mrs. Baroda murmured a thanks and let the scarf lie in her lap which really shows her deepened feelings towards him and that she did not want to speak out and express those feelings because it was her ambition not to. Her ambition towards the golden rule is one of significance of what it is to be a respectable woman.Another quality to shows the significance to the title to Kate Choplin's essay is ambivalence. Mrs. Baroda is indecisive towards people especially Gouvernail. Mrs. Baroda at first was puzzled over Gouvernail's personality and really liked him. As the essay progresses, she easily gave up being puzzled and became piqued although there was one instance the reader is lead to believe that Mrs. Baroda might commit adultery. Her intentions...

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