The Golden Theft Essay

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Sunshine flashed into my eyes as I turned off the bothersome alarm clock. My room was as mute as a library, but I could hear the distant morning music from the living room. I shot up in my bed and began thinking about what was going to take place today. New country, new school, new people, new perspectives, there was nothing I could relate to in this world I was entering. When I started talking about moving to New York all I got for information were all negative things. At first I didn’t believe them, and I thought they were just jealous, but now I’m having second thoughts. I just wanted to go home.

* * *

New school, wow. I had no idea what to do now, once I had stepped into the humongous classroom seventeen pairs of eyes stared at, it felt like they were boring holes into me. A huge wave of anxiety rushed over me. I felt like an alien on a new alien world. They turned to each other and started whispering rapidly and distant snickering continued. I didn’t understand what was funny, I never got this type of response at my school.
“Please Max, choose where ever you want to sit” said the teacher.
A look of worry flashed over the kids’ eyes. I spotted a seat at the far back next to window, I thought since it was a new school I should just lay low for and focus on education and then make friends when I’m more comfortable in this new environment.
Class seemed to drag on forever, I kept staring at the second hand waiting for the bell to ring. This was the first time I ever daydreamed in class. I had dreaming about how great school was back home and how I felt that was my home away from home and how here I feel like the. . . Alien. Ring! Yes! The bell had rung, I sprung out of my seat, bolted to my locker, chucked all of my belongings into the locker and took a deep breath to calm myself down. Then I heard this awful racket down the hallway of kids stomping and yelling and surprisingly screams of other kids. Why weren’t the teachers here they’re supposed to have an immediate reaction to such things. These boys were walking by pushing boys and messing up girls’ hair and no one would do anything about it. I decided it was time to open and show the kids how I actually was.
“Hey guys, that’s not you’re supposed behave at school,” I started
“ Well, Mr. New Kid, I’m not sure you know how this school runs,” replied the kid.
“This school is run by the teachers,”
The enormous bully was breathing heavily, in my mind fire and smoke were pouring out of his ears and nose like a cartoony bull about to charge into something. The kid clenched me by the collar of my shirt, dragged me over to my locker and stuffed me in. Panicking, I started banging on the locker, yelling for help. I heard cruel snickers of the bullies. I few minutes later I stopped panicking then someone came to my rescue. Breathing heavily, I tried cough out some words of appreciation but before I could. . .
“Your welcome, kid,” started the unknown student....

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