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The Good And Bad Of Racial Profiling

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It has been said that racial profiling has been used more than once as a way to detain suspects that arouse suspcion according to NAACP. Racial profiling is the suspicion of people based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or other immutable charateristics rather than evidence based behavior. Eventhough statistics say otherwise racial profiling should not be used as a reasnoable right to detain an individual because it is unlawful, discrinmatory, and ineffective.

Eventhough statistics say otherwise racial profiling is actually a good way to determine if a person is a suspect or not. Because of hard statistical evedence that shows young black and hispanic men commiting ...view middle of the document...

Racial profiling should not be used in the legal process because it is unlawful. In the consititution it is said that "all men are created equal" that does not mean that a law enforcer has the right to detain an individual because of race, religion or ethncity. Racial profiling should not be used as a reasonable cause either because what can color actually tell us? and does color really have physical attributes to itself that can actual cause a crime? It is understandable to stop someone because they actually did something or committed a crime which caused or aroused suspicion like speeding or running a stop light. Statistics has nerver proven the effectiveness of racial profiling according to NY newspapers as it says " There has been no research proven the effectiveness of NY stop and frisk regime". A term used in some cities is called "driving while black or brown" meaning if you are either one of those colors than you are at risk of being detained. Meanings like that shouldn’t exist its discriminatory and demeaning to all people with those colors. How should a person react or feel when their color can arouse suspicion among others and the justice system. Many people have came across racial profiling people who havent may think its harmless or not a big deal because its just a form of stereotyping. Trayvon Martin is highly contriversial topic on whether not he was innocent or no, but Trayvon Martin was a victim racial profiling. The story of Travyon Martin is truly tragic but the situation could have been greatky avoided if he wasn’t racially profilled by George Zimmerman ( the accused Murderer). Racial profiling is dangerous many victims die from it. One victim had something to say about it " I became an expert in the language of fear, couples locked arms or reached for each others hands when they see me, some have even crossed to the other side of the street" racial profiling can lead many victims into depression of their insecurities caused by racial profiling. In recent studies it has been said that " there have now been 15-20 studies of racial profiling and everyone of them has been found that African americans and Latinos are disapropriately stopped and searched". Many racial profiled victims walk away with minor traffic tickets, too often are unlucky and their outcome is death. Some law enforcers seem to have the stereotypical idea that all african americans are ignorant and poor. In relations to that if seen differently then that will arouse suspcion to the law enforcer because it is so called unheard to see a blcak man with a nice car. Theres even an actual story where that has happened "On Oct 12, 1995, Johnny Grammage , a 31 yr old african american male was shot and killed after being pulled over while driving the jaguar of his cousins". That is just despicable an officer is only allowed to use a weapon if his life was in danger or if he had weapon but in this case neither was true. Racial profiling does not only affect...

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