The Good Bye, Lenin Movie Relation To History Facts

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We are going to examine the movie “Good Bye, Lenin” and identify the ways the movie depicts not only the fall of the GDR, with the Berlin Wall being knocked down and joyful people ringing out from the East, but, also describing the movie as a product of the twenty-first century by the push from communism to capitalism. Both could accurately describe the this movie, but, it is upto you to decided which side is more accurately profound in your perspective.
The first area of interest we will focus on is, the way in which the movie projects the imagery of the GDR way of life. The Movie starts off with the mother Christine who was left by her husband; who went west seeking ...view middle of the document...

And this was a joyful sight for the Berliners pouring across the fallen wall. Life as they knew it had changed completely, importing goods from Holland and depleting the area of all GDR products. This became a problem in the movie for Christine's son Alex, which was by her side at her time of rest and unknowing of this great change that took place. Alex did not want to cause her pain or possibly death, so he searched everywhere to find GDR products that his mom asked for; creating a false communism world for her.
The final occurrence of this film observed, is that it is a product of the twenty-first century in Germany. Which by showing the rapid technological uprising and advancements, from new cars and car lots coming in, to the use of satellite dishes and the trends of clothing. Also, totally transforming house decor and furniture. In addition, all major food and drinks chains were moving in and Alex’s sister actually worked at Burger King. However, this was a tragic happening and almost killed his mom so he thought. In the movie Christine got up while Alex was sleeping; wandering outside to discover a world she no longer knows. She has a look of dismay and...

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