The Good Earth: Soil, Rain And Harvest By Pearl S. Buck

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The Good Earth: Soil, Rain and Harvest
The classic novel, The Good Earth, is such a fascinating and pleasantly engaging as it communicates the interesting livelihood of a young man living in China, along with his old father, in a desperate search to discover his place within society. The book is captivating and draws the reader in to want to learn more about this foreign life. The characters within the story line are constantly evolving with fullness of personality that personalities could leap from the pages. If anyone has ever wondered about what the culture in China is like, then reading The Good Earth is undoubtedly a novel that assists in painting a vivid picture of China and its people in an individual’s mind. One of the main characters in the novel is Wang Lung. He is a farmer whose primary concern is cultivating his land and acquiring more of it. This land produced rich soil that inhaled the rainwater to produce a harvest to feed, clothe and shelter Wang Lung and his family. When Wang Lung worked and plowed his land, he was content and overjoyed with pride. His story is also tells of the ability and power what a focused mind can accomplish. Not only does Wang Lung’s story inspire accomplishments as a result of his wealth, but it also shares his strongholds of lust, deception, pride and greed. Initially, Wang Lung desired to maintain secrecy about monies he would earn for he and his family. However, eventually, he did mind broadcasting his wealth by adding additional bedrooms to his home, desiring his youngest daughter’s feet bound and purchasing a concubine. Men of wealth were well respected in China for they were considered to have good fortune as a result of their riches of land, jewels, silver, gold, fine clothes and an abundance of women. For this, Wang Lung set his heart to accomplish exactly the same.
Wang Lung possessed physical eyes to clearly see what was visible in his presence; however, he lacked the sight of wisdom. He failed to realize that his wife, O-lan, played a vital role in the wealth he had gained and become accustomed to. “In the afternoon she took a hoe and a basket and with these upon her shoulder she went to main road leading into the city where mules and donkeys and horses carried burdens to and fro, and there she picked the droppings from the animals and carried it home and piled the manure in the dooryard for fertilizer for the fields. These things she did without a word and without being commanded to do them. And when the end of the day came, she did not rest herself until the ox had been fed in the kitchen and until she had dipped water to hold to its muzzle to let it drink what it would” (Buck 28). During this time, it didn’t seem to matter very much to O-lan’s husband that her feet were large and had not been bound by her mother. For if her feet had been bound, O-lan would have been incapable of accomplishing her contributions, such as feeding the ox, cleaning their home and working with...

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