The Good Gone Bad Essay

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When Mama Margarital and Papa Pervertle the turtles first met, it all seemed perfect. Even though I had started with no money, nobody could take away the triumph they felt, just from beating the odds that were obviously against them. The government had just created a contraband on shell dye. They always dyed their shells bright blue together. I suppose that is when the rough times truly began. They were so vehement about it, because that was the only thing they would save every dime they had to do with each other.
About six months later, they discovered they had a much more apprehensive life ahead. The apprehension spread all the way throughout the trailer court about little Mertyl being on the way. They were scared and confused, but they had the love of each other. They both knew that love would get them and the newly discovered baby Mertyl through all their issues.
Her acquiescence had to be there; considering it was too late now, but deep inside she knew her life would be over as soon as the baby arrived. About 9 months later, he was born. He was named after his grandfather Mertyl David Jr. But Mertyl David III was a perfect child to most people. Mama Margarital vigorously pushed, so she was only in labor for eight minutes and sixteen seconds. She tried to keep him quiet, to make the story furtive, but with her parents, it was beyond inevitable.
Of course, they loved the boy, who wouldn’t? However, after a while Mama Margarital was getting sick of her parents chronic visitation. His grandparents were just the beginning of other anger, mostly because of the love for the baby. They were teeming with acquittal no matter what he had done.
When Mertyl’s father had gotten a new job as a lawyer, he wasn’t happy anymore. Being a lawyer took great responsibility. As a turtle, he knew that sometimes the main fish in the sea would make working early and inconveniently was a normal thing. He was so beyond stressed, that his disappointment over a job was untrammeled to others. One day he took it out on his loving wife at home.
Mama Margarital and Papa Pervertle screamed and fought for days on end about absolutely anything. They began to even forget about any time with the other that was even good at all, because they had too much hatred in the way. However, the more they chose to fight, the more afraid of his father Mertyl became.
Mertyl’s father and mother began losing their intimacy completely. Mama Margarital was so upset...

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