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The Positive Impact Of Globalization Upon China And India

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To globalize means to “to extend to other or all parts of the globe; make worldwide” (, 2010). While globalization is a fairly ‘new’ term, it is actually as old as our ancestors. The process was longer back then but, as they were discovering new foreign lands, they were bringing commerce and culture with them. Silks, spices and crops were traded along trade routes and opened new worlds of luxury and taste. Today, globalization has influenced our modern world far beyond those predecessors’ wildest dreams. The Western culture has infiltrated almost every corner of the globe. Its capital, infrastructures, knowledge, and talent can be found all over. It has a dramatic impact on India and China. These countries in turn, have also passed on their influence to other countries. It is a never-ending domino effect that circumvents the globe. Some of the Western influence has been intentional and negative but the overall effects are positive on countries economies and cultures.
China is renowned for its nationalism and opposition to the West. It wasn’t until the 1970’s, when Deng Xiaoping allowed other countries into China, that they began their own globalization journey. Even after that huge leap forward, a mixed market economy with trade didn’t really materialize until the 1990’s. The former leader, Mao Zedong had instituted a communist rule. Under Mao’s rule, the people had no voice and no choice. Businesses, temples, school and medical care was governed by Mao. He ordered the destruction of many ancient temples and adorned the city with portraits of himself to serve as reminders to the citizens of his power. Jobs were assigned to those with the best capabilities and to what the government felt suited the individual the best. Citizens were poverty ridden and oppressed. The country was alienated from the world and suffered greatly because of this. When Mao died, Xiaoping created an open-door policy that opened China’s borders to trade, influences and culture from the all over the world. Within 30 years, the country has risen to be the world’s second largest economic power. By 1993, China’s economy had tripled (Purves, 1993). The Gross Domestic Product, which is an indicator of a country’s well-being, has grown at a rate over eight percent since 1986(Bernstein, 2007). In 2009, China’s GDP grew by 9.1 percent, with a $3,735 GDP per capita (Wikipedia, 2010). This explosion within the economy has taken place mainly because China opened its boundaries to trade. The country now exports $1.2 trillion, to the United States. Electrical machinery, apparel, textiles, iron and steel, optical and medical equipment make up the bulk of theses exports (Wikipedia, 2010). As the GDP increased the standard of living also increased. Chinese now own technology such as cell phones and televisions. There are club and a flourishing nightlife for the younger generation. The younger generation of teenagers and young adults are being caught up in the...

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