The Pros Of Becoming A Missionary

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Through missions we can bring many lost people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. There are so many different ways to do so all around the world. Sometimes life as a missionary can be very difficult. One of the things that makes being a missionary so difficult is the language barrier. Having to learn a whole new language and adjust to completely different customs could make life very hard. "Missionary Interview." I believe that no matter what the circumstances or the difficulties, being a missionary is one of the greatest things you can ever do. You can travel the world, help others, promise them an eternal life through Christ, but most importantly you’re fulfilling God’s plan that he has laid out for you. There are so many beautiful countries to chose from, so many amazing mission agencies, but equally importantly you’re following God’s plan. God’s call to missions is prominent in St.Lucia with Global Outreach International.

To begin with, Matthew 28:18-19 states The Great Commision, which tells us where to go and what to do once we get there. A main goal for missionaries is to try to make “disciple-making” people within the people groups"Countries and Their Cultures." “African slaves can be quite difficult to share the gospel with which makes it hard for missionaries in St. Lucia because the main people group is African slaves. ("Missionary Interview"). After reading and understanding The Great Commission and my research about missions, it shows that God really does have a plan for us, Therefore, In order to become disciples for The Lord we must strengthen our relationship with Him. Many missionaries do not view missions as a job. They see missions as God’s calling for their lives .“After I became a missionary, there was a humbleness that came over me, and I know it will never leave me. “ ("Missionary Interview" ).

In addition, main diet in St. Lucia often depends on location, but starches are one item that are are found everywhere and are more common. Different from starches green vegetable are hard to find because they are not grown everywhere. Similarly, animal proteins are even harder to find because it does depend on location. Typically the more wealthy people own cattle or they have the money and are blessed enough to have this sufficiently balanced diet "Countries and Their Cultures." Looking back on the early times of St. Lucia, it was once under French control. While the people were under the French authority, the St. Lucians were mostly Roman Catholics. At the present time most of the priests in St. Lucia are St. Lucian. This is a large change from in colonial times in St.Lucia when almost all of the churches had French priests. “In St. Lucia, all of the Roman Catholic rituals and holidays are still celebrated” "Countries and Their Cultures." . I think that the country of St.Lucia is one of the most beautiful and interesting of all the Carribean Islands.

Global Outreach is one mission agency that is...

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