The Pros Of Bringing Stem Cell Research Into The Medical Field (Sources Cited Included)

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Imagine that you are a cancer patient waiting to go in one of the last of your chemotherapy treatments at a local hospital. You've had cancer your whole life, and the hospital has pretty much turned into your second home, along with the nurses and doctors being like part of your family. The doctors aren't even sure if your body will be able to make it through the fight this time, though. And the worst part of it is, you know that there could be a much easier, safer way to rid your body of the disease you've been battling your whole life. Even better too, the cure can come right from your own body, specifically, your stem cells. Embryonic stem cell research therapies would be greatly beneficial for the world because of its availability, the cures it can bring, and the simplicity of the procedures compared to common day methods.
The availability of stem cells is innumerable because of the fact that they can be taken from several different places. One excellent location they can be taken is the patient's own body. Scientists have found that a patient's bone marrow is a great source of adult stem cells (Stem Cells Promise New Cures), otherwise known as totipotent cells, because they can turn into virtually almost any cell in the body. Scientists also believe that even a patient with a terminal illness's stem cells can still be used for therapy (Stem Cells).
Another useful way to obtain stem cells is from the millions of unused embryonic stem cells held at pregnancy centers around the country. Every time a woman decides to have an IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, the pediatrician has her take an egg enhancing medicine so her body creates a multitude of eggs to fertilize. The eggs are then taken from her body and put into a Petri dish to be fertilized with sperm from her husband. The doctor then chooses about five to ten good eggs to insert back into the woman's womb. On an average though, the woman creates about 30 eggs, so about 20 other eggs are frozen for a possible later use (The IVF program). Most of them are never taken out of the freezer though. These unused eggs are also the best kind of stem cells to use, because they are pluripotent (Human Embryo Experimentation), which means that they are able to turn into any kind of stem cell in the body.
One more way to obtain stem cells is from the umbilical cord of a newborn child. After birth, when the umbilical cord is cut, the cord still has what are considered adult stem cells in the blood of the cord. The cells are considered adult stem cells because the child has been born, unlike an embryonic stem cell, which is still an embryo (The Power to Divide). Usually, the umbilical cord is just thrown away after the birth is complete, but if extracted within a short amount of time, the blood can be used to save someone's life, like seven-year-old Cedric Seldon who was fighting leukemia. He received blood from a newborn baby girl, and has since fully recovered, thanks to her stem cells fighting his...

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