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The Good Thang Essay

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The purpose of this report is to determine whether Midwestern University should encourage and promote distance education in their University. In order to gain insight on the situation, the following factors were examined extensively: the demand for online classes, quality of the education, value of an online degree, and resources needed to participate in online education. Primary data was collected through personal interviews from students whom have participated in online course throughout their college years. Secondary data was collected from the Cunningham Memorial Library online database.
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Once reviewing all four key factors, one will understand the necessary steps to improve Midwestern University.
Information on the distance education topic was obtained though both primary and secondary sources. For the primary data, students throughout Midwestern University were surveyed. The survey was for both undergraduate students, in addition to graduate students. This survey contained information asking about their experience with online courses and also asked them concerns they may have had. Like the students survey, Midwestern University instructors were also surveyed. This survey asked about their concerns and also gave insight on their knowledge of the distance education program.
In addition to surveying the students and instructors at Midwestern, Linda Turpin, a professor at the University of Cincinnati was also surveyed. The faculty member was asked questions which pertain to her insight as a distance education educator.
There were also various sources of secondary data from the Cunningham Memorial Library’s online database EBSCOHost, Google Scholar, and books also located in the Cunningham Memorial Library. All which helped make this report possible.
In this report, the findings concentrate on four key focuses in distance education: demand, quality, value, and resources. After researching the above topics, and in-depth analyses lead to distant conclusion of whether distance education would be and effective way to grow student enrollment numbers and also provide quality education opportunities to the current students at Midwestern University. In this report, detailed information is provided on how to improve distance education in the future, along with a conclusion on how to move forward at Midwestern University.

Factor One: Demand for Online Classes
Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “ Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. Many educators in the higher division of education believe that this quote stands true. Learning from another is one of the most highly ranked methods of learning. The demand for online classes has continually progressed since 1994 (Distance Education: Pros, Cons, and the Future). The extra distance course fees and learning if it’s lucrative for the college or university both aspects that were looked into when discussing the demand for online classes.
Fees Included in Distance Education Classes
The extra distance course fees are applied when one signs up for a distance education course. This fee would cover software licensing, any services offered to a student, and other primary uses for the class. In addition to those course fees, if one is using a lab online for a statistics class, accounting class, or economics to name a few, those too have a fee of their own. If one is taking an online class but living near the college or university campus, the distance fee would also include on site resources for the student.
Public Colleges/ Universities VS Private...

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