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The Good, The Bad, And The Celebrity

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Statistics show that 72 percent of Americans go to the movies each year ( According to Nielsen numbers, Americans also spend thirty-four hours a week watching television (Hinkley), and one-fourth of American people read magazines ( It is safe to say that most of the things Americans like to do revolves around entertainment. Now, imagine our entertainment and “on the edge of our seat” movies are gone. That is what would happen if we did not have actors and celebrities. Celebrities are at the core of our entertainment. It is absolutely crucial that we have actors, because no actors, equals no movies and television, and no movies and television equals no entertainment . Now, an argument has been made that actors and celebrities are being paid too much than what they deserve. But, what would we do without our entertainment and talented actors? So, actors and celebrities are not being paid too much.
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Actors and celebrities work very hard for their money. It’s actually very tough and challenging being an actor. They are extremely busy and their job often requires them to spend time away from their families. Imagine if you were in that situation often because of your job. Actors and celebrities have so much to keep track. Many have their own businesses, clothing lines, endorsements, and projects. They are workaholics. But, they bring a great amount of joy to people and work diligently to try to please their fans. Beyonce Knowles admits it’s hard being a celebrity:
The hardest thing is balance because I have a perfume line, my mother and I have a clothing line, I have my L’Oreal contract, I have so many things! I still have Destiny’s Child, a solo career, acting, albums. Then on top of everything, I approve everything. I approve every button in my clothing line, I approve every photograph, I approve every interview and then I have a life. I have a family, I have a personal life and it’s hard to balance. (
One can argue that actors are not being paid too much, but too little. Barkhad Abdi is an award winning actor who is best known for his role in Captain Phillips as Abduwali Muse, a notorious pirate who leads the attempts to take over Captain Phillips’s ship. It has been recently announced that Abdi is broke and he was only paid 65,000 dollars for his role as the antagonist ( Did I also mention that he also one best supporting actor for his role? It is highly unfair how Barkhad Abdi won many nominations and awards for his role and they paid him a very little amount of money.
In the end, it all boils down to one thing, actors and celebrities are the reason why we have entertainment. Without entertainment, most of the lives of American people would be frankly dull. Without actors and celebrities, our culture will not be the same. Our lives would not be influenced by food, religion, clothing, and many more. In all sincerity, they deserve every penny they get because they are the reason we have entertainment. We wouldn't even have Disney World without talented actors. Should we really put a lid on how much a person’s salary is? We, as people, should give a person their own freedom on what they are doing with the money that they have worked hard to earn.

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