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The Good, The Bad And The Scouse By Toxteth Tv

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The project I decided to undertake was ‘’The Good, The Bad and The Scouse.’’ This is run by Toxteth TV. The project is about a history of characters that have graced the streets of Liverpool, mainly around the Toxteth area. I have done extensive research on telling the stories of the local ‘scousers’ that have remained untold since 1850. ‘’The Good, The Bad and The Scouse’’ is a project that will bring to life some of Liverpool’s unsung heroes and secret villains from the past during the time frame of 1850-1900. The reason these particular dates were chosen is because the stories that I unfolded hopefully will shed some light on the social, cultural and political climate at that time. For ...view middle of the document...

The chosen stories will eventually create a foundation of a physical and digital heritage trail around the Toxteth area. It will also provide an educational supply pack that can be used for heritage workshops.

To start the project, I had to attend the training workshop which we were given the option to do either during the week or at the weekend; due to a lot of commitments outside of the project I found weekends suited me best to attend the workshop. The training day was split into two different sessions. The first session was an overview of the project and the British newspaper archive, the second session was showing us how to use the micro-film archive. I had some concerns as I was worried that the timings of the different activities would be difficult to stick to because of the amount of information being delivered in the sessions and also the travel time to the different libraries that we were using in the project, but thankfully the staff at Toxteth TV and Liverpool’s central library, it ran smoothly apart from a few late taxi drivers but that didn’t deflate our motivation to make a great project. As being one of the archive researchers I was anxious as to how the research processes designed for the online and micro-film archives would work out when being used and produced by a team of volunteers. Fortunately we took to the research process quite well and had a very informative handbook explaining how to use a micro film and the British newspaper archive. ‘’The Good, The Bad and The Scouse’’ will conclude in the online and offline exhibition of all of the digital and physical outputs produced as part of the project. At the end of the project, Toxteth TV will produce education resource packs that will include DVDS, online presentations of the animations that will be created in a few weeks and also the physical and digital heritage trail. Once everything is put together Toxteth TV will have heritage workshop sessions that will use the resources we have created in the past few weeks. It will also be a guide to arts practitioners, community workers and CPD sessions for teachers who would like to create projects or activities in new and creative ways. Originally we suggested that we would be examining and logging 192 pages of results from Liverpool’s daily post from the British newspaper archive. The amount of source material was already a lot of work in itself so it came as a surprise when we found out that one of our Archive researchers found that the number of pages of search results was 340 pages. The archive team discovered that the number had increased due to more articles mentioning ‘’Toxteth.’’ We wanted to know why this was. The British newspaper archive is currently thriving and a new digitised versions of newspapers are being added every so often in batches. What has happened is that a new batch of Liverpool daily post newspapers have been digitized and formatted, uploaded right in the middle of our research phase. This has...

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