"The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly" A Film Which Symbolizes The Western Genre While It Expands Its Rules And Traditions.

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly"The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" is the most famous of all of Sergio Leone's work, and probably one of the most famous westerns of all times. Not only it became part of our culture, but it has also created a sub-genre of Westerns, tenderly called "Spaghetti Westerns" - mostly because of the Italian origins of the filmmaker and the fact that his movies were shot in Europe instead of Hollywood. Despite the characteristic western tradition found in the movie, the movie is free of any western cliché as any traditional western theme is either given a unique twist or absolutely removed by Leone's masterful storytelling.The plot of the movie, is a classic western plot, it concerns three people searching for two hundred thousand dollars worth of gold, nothing more than the essential quest for money.Two of the characters are typical western individuals, a hero and a nemesis, while the third character is far more complex and quite revolutionary for the Western genre.Clint Eastwood is playing "The Good", a good fellow (of course only relatively good), called "Blondie", although his real name remains undisclosed and he officially goes under the surname "Man With No Name". Clint Eastwood's character is a characteristic western character, not really "good" in a traditional sense, but he has an evident sense of honor and tries to do the fair thing. The scene when Blondie gives a dying Confederate soldier a puff of his cigar is a very powerful moment which characterizes the Man With No Name better than any other sequence without saying a single word. This role built the foundation of Clint Eastwood's stardom and his typical western personage. He became a Western icon through this movie and the public still remembers him as "The Man With No Name", the charismatic, enigmatic and laid-back "Blondie".Lee van Cleef is "The Bad", he plays the role of "Angel-Eyes" who is evil personified, a classic western nemesis, a ruthless killer who is ready to do whatever it takes to get what he desires.Finally, the most fascinating character of the three is Tuco, "The Ugly" who is played by Eli Wallach. Tuco is a two-bit bandit with a criminal record of a mile long, and a fair price on his head. He is definitely the most complex and the most interesting character in the film. All impulse and rage, Tuco spins wildly throughout the movie, stealing, lying, pretending to be Clint Eastwood's best friend in one scene, trying to kill him in another, Tuco represents "the ugly" side of us. Tuco's character is not a traditional western character, as he is neither really black nor white by any means. Eli Wallach puts so much character in this personality which includes just the right amounts of humor, slyness and humanity that, no matter how bad he is, the spectator always cares and sympathize for him.Eli Wallach's most memorable performances in this film most likely signaled the end of the traditional John Wayne characters, which were either good or...

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