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The Government Controls The Media Essay

655 words - 3 pages

“Every breath you take, every move you make…every step you take, I'll be

watching you” (Sting 1983). These lyrics to the classic song “Every Breath You Take”

by Sting, depict both the acts of Big Brother in the novel 1984 and today’s media. Big

Brother, like today’s government, watches every move society makes. The government

controls the media and according to Peter Jennings of ABC, “Whoever controls the

media controls reality”. The media, to Jennings specifically the government, controls

what we think, what we know and what we want.

In the novel 1984, written by George Orwell, society is controlled by one divine

being, Big Brother. “Middle class” citizens are watched constantly and monitored

through a telescreen to make sure they do not revolt against Big Brother or even think

against him. The telescreen also displays modified news and history. They control what

everyone sees and ...view middle of the document...


this case, whoever controls the media does in fact control the reality.

This idea of an all-powerful being is continued into today’s society. A former

CIA director, William Colby, stated “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the

major media” (Colby). This goes to show that the CIA is behind every major media

center. They filter out what they do not want us to hear and they edit what we do hear.

Everything on the news that we hear about wars is only one sided. We only hear

America’s censored side on what is occurring. The media is controlled by the

government, which controls our reality, similarly stated by Jennings of ABC news.

The media not only controls what we see and hear today, but also what we want.

The media is constantly painting a picture into our heads of a perfect human being. It

gives us the idea that if you are not a tall, skinny, physically fit, nicely dressed beautiful

man or woman, you are not to be socially accepted. We accept these qualifications and

modify our lives to fulfill them. Whoever is the newest model on the cover of the biggest

magazine is who we try to be. Children constantly look up to their role model celebrities

and who they are portrayed to be through media. Sometimes they are portrayed for the

good and other times for the bad, but we will never know which is which. We always

believe what we hear through the news but we do not know the celebrities personally so

how can we be sure of what we hear. The media controls what we want physically and

emotionally. Although the government does not control the minds of people today like

they do in the novel 1984, it is still significant enough.

Big Brother is an extreme example of the government today. Big Brother controls

every move middle class (outer party) members take and every thought that they have.

Today’s government controls the ideas that we have of a perfect human being and the

stories we hear of our world. They do not though control our every move like Big

Brother does. Maybe someday the world will be controlled by one all-mighty being but

not as extreme as Big Brother.

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