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A Paradise Built In Hell: the extraordinary communities that arise in disaster is a shocking look-again at a couple of disasters and how ordinary people behaved when their lives were torn into pieces.she shows the side that the media never shows which is the unotice heros,the people that did the most and as learn even get blamed for the corruption that the government does.. Solnit get other sources from different actually regular everyday people.while telling us about disasters she also tell us to revalute our democratic community is structured and being run. Solnit starts off the book with the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the fires that destroyed everything in its way , through Solnit wasn’t concern about the local. She takes us on a journey across continents and years, visiting and learning from the position of many disasters, but really focuses on earthquakes—Lisbon (1755), San Juan, Argentina (1944), Managua (1972), Mexico City (1985), Loma Prieta, California (1989) and Tang Shan, China (2008)—but also heat waves (Chicago, 1995 and Europe, 2003), explosions (Halifax, 1917), hurricanes (New Orleans and environs, 2005), and terror attacks (New York, 2001).in each disaster she would recognize the cause the effects it had on the community and the government. In each disaster she would always show two things, first solnit would show us how a disaster goes to catastrophic measures. And that would happen because the of how unprepared the government was, and how clueless they were on what to do. The second thing Solnit pointed out was how inaccurate the social media was. They would show people trying to survive and getting things from stores and label them as thieves on newspapers and on TV. They weren’t showing
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The true side of the things. They just like to twist things to make a juicer story so people can watch and get more ratings. The government to me can do a lot good but I feel they don’t want to help the community, instead they rather help themselves.
The definition of government to me is the people working in the government are supposed to help the community improve and prepare for any kind of disaster that might come are way. They are also supposed to keep us safe when we are in danger. But the government has done poor job for the most part. For example in hurricane Katrina the government was supposed to help the community from the flood instead of the government seeing them as victims their treating them like criminals. Or the San Francisco earthquake where thousands became homeless was constantly getting harassed by the police. But the government has done good things too. Like for example during the terrorist attack of 9/11 they had firefighters, policemen were on site helping saving people’s lives looking the rubble. There are a couple other examples that I will go into detail but most these are ones where it happen during my lifetime or in this local area which are most interesting to me, especially hurricane...

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