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The Government Must Restrict The Availability Of Assault Rifles

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In the United States government today, one of the foremost issues is whether or not weaponry should not only be restricted but completely taken away. The issue is more predominant than it used to be because of the increase in mass shootings, such as Newtown, CT and Aurora, CO. Pope Benedict XVI said, “No reduction or elimination of arms can happen without eliminating violence at its root.” However, something our government does not realize is that guns are not the root of violence, but are merely a branch of the larger tree. The United States government should place a restriction on eligibility when purchasing an assault rifle, but not on the purchase of handguns and bolt-action rifles which are needed for self-protection, for the livelihood of certain Americans, the protection of our basic Second Amendment right, and to bolster our economy.
The American citizen’s need for self-protection when being assaulted by a criminal is necessary and should be one of the paramount reasons not to apply gun laws to the American society. All citizens have the right to defend themselves as a way of freeing themselves or others from possible harm from an aggressor. The country itself has a right to self-preservation, and if weapons are taken from United States citizens, the people would have to put all faith in the United States Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corp) when attacked by terrorists, rival countries, and other such groups. Pope Benedict XVI said, “States will need to be armed for reason of legitimate defense.” The official Vatican stand on this controversial topic is not clear. Vatican officials and popes have given speeches on the subject but have not written any encyclicals, a letter written by the pope speaking to the world, or other such official position documents. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) states that when confronted by an armed or unarmed assailant, the firearm is only to be used as a very last resort in order to deliver the criminal out of one’s hands (qtd in Glatz). This means that you must at least try to persuade the person to leave before delivering a lethal blow. Otherwise, if delivering the fatal shot before exasperating all other possibilities, it becomes an illegal act, mortal sin, breaking of the fifth commandment, and most importantly, the killing of a person who was made in God’s image. However, the right to use lethal force in self-preservation can be acceptable, but if one is unarmed, this option is impossible.
Some Americans depend on firearms as both a means of support and for economic reasons. Americans in under developed areas, such as Appalachia or Alaska, depend on bolt-action rifles and/or revolvers to hunt or kill as a means of protection from wild animals or sustenance. According to Elly Snow, hunting is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and is sometimes the only way to get meat. Hunting is one way to keep all animals in check and keep...

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