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Grades, are a way to show how a student’s effort and work processes. They track progress, they reflect the quality of work the students can achieve. I, have learned a lot of new things this first year of the career center about Photoshop, even though I have used Photoshop before in the past. I believe that I’ve gained a 87 as a grade for Graphics Design class. I have always been here to class, mostly on time, and have an excellent attendance. Occasionally, late in the past and missed one or two days. But, most of the time I’m here and ready to learn for the everyday.

First reason why I should obtain a 87 as a grade for Graphics Design class is because, I’m a inflexible worker, always make sure that my work is done flawlessly. Never rushed on a project or an assignment because, It would look unacceptable and unsightly. Honestly, one of my projects that was done in the past, was not that vast. But I went back into it on Photoshop, took my time on it, put detail and effort into it and achieved my goal to make it look prodigious.

Second reason why I deserve a 87 as a grade is because, of the tasks that have been done. Every single assignment or project was handed in and undiminished. Timeless participation, investment, and effort was put into learning about the assignments. Most amount of assignments were done, were about 15, plus the 20 Photoshop lessons that were incorporated with it.

Third reason why I’m worthy of obtaining this grade, is because I’ve have participated in an event. Which, was called the “Holiday Gathering.” I was committed to it by adding something new to it by being the live entertainment. Brought a couple a friends, made a circle in the back room, had my guitar, and we sang. For that, I was doing community service and now, time was added on. There was some fooling around and we left the...

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