The Graffiti Art Terrorist Who Captures World’s Street

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Banksy who was born in United Kingdom was actually a faceless graffiti

artist before. In 2008, he was taken pictures from people when he painted

on a street, however, this happening was argued about that the person in

the picture is real Banksy or not. With wearing a mask, Banksy is famous

to disappear after he paints his remarkable painting on a wall of street

that is off the beaten path. Although an English police tried to catch him

who calls art terrorist himself or herself, Banksy is never caught from

polices. Banksy usually works and disappear really quickly under cover of

night, as a result, remained artworks achieve recognition and have been

protected from people. He directed his tree films that are Exit Through

the Gift Shop, Children of Men and The Antic Roadshow. Banksy remain

a lot of remarkable artworks. Most of Banksy’s artworks are about social

satire, accusation or political message that gain high esteem like a real
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1. Naked man hanging from window
This artwork was on the wall of a sexual health clinic in Part street, Bristol, England in about 2006. The City Council allowed it to remain on the wall following “overwhelming support” from public (BBC NEWS). In this piece, there is a naked man hanging from a bottom part of window and suited man looking out in another direction from naked man. There is also his wife or lover behind suited man with only her underwear. Even though suited man only needs to turn his head to find out where the naked man is, he cannot see the naked man.

Caveman Fast Food
This artwork originally appeared on the streets of Los Angeles, California.

2. Bouquet grenade
One of his familiar artwork is Bouquet Grenade that is better known as Flower Thrower. A man in the piece looks like dressed normal or casual but Banksy made him looking street terrorist who are wearing kerchief and baseball cap and are throwing a bouquet as if it was a grenade. My favorite part of the artworks of Banksy is the obvious contrast of colors - the man and flower wrapping are done in black and white and flowers are done in rainbow colors. This artwork is recalling the images from street riots and 1960s campus. This contrast emphasizes frustration and rage of the man and the flowers done in color underlies a resolution of hope and peace to conflicts (Stencil Revolution). I love his clever idea to create irony that he used flower bombing instead of using a fire bomb – this make his artwork more interesting and simply humorous even though his artwork contain heavy political message.

1. bananas bomb
one of Banksy’s well-known artworks is Bananas Bomb. I really like the idea that he used the bananas because their image is really healthy, sweat and not threatening at all. Thorough creative and capable hand of Banksy, non-threatening imaged of banana can convey meaning totally differently that is twist our commonsense. The origin of this artwork is not known but the atmosphere of whimsical and satire in this piece is saying Banksy. In this work, three bananas are strapped with the watch that is metaphor of timer of bomb with a red line. People can judge the deeper underlying meaning under this artwork differently but they will never view the bananas in the same way like before.

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