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The Graphic World Of Graphic Designers

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Have you ever heard of the wondrous occupation of graphic design? The background of the career is interesting, especially since it dates back to the cave men era. There are classes in our own high school that can prepare us for this very special and amazing career. Although, with every amazing career, there is a down side to it, so I am going to also tell you the pros and cons of this very occupation. I’m interested in graphic design because I am in love with technology, I am a very creative and artistic person, and I know I can make a new advertisement that everyone would love.
2.Graphic design started with the cave drawings that we all know and think that cavemen drew, since the Industrial Revolution; the country needed graphic designers to advertise the mass-produced goods (Crum 5). With a job like this, there are certain responsibilities that must be upheld and kept in the work environment. 3.Graphic designers create visual concepts by hand or technology to inform for a certain product, or to captivate a customer’s interests in that product (What Graphic). 10. “Graphic designers perform the following tasks…thing creatively, use computers, get information needed to do the job, make decisions and solve problems, communicate with supervisors, peers, or subordinates, update and use job-related knowledge…” (Common). 8.A graphic designer works a 9-to-5 hour shift, and they work the whole time, so they don’t have any “homework”, which are projects they take home to finish (Holden 103). 7. Whether you go in to advertising, printmaking, or a magazine’s art department, you are going to start as an assistant to an experienced art director. 7.Later on, you will become a senior art director as your prove your worth with your own, original work and work with your own clients and do your own thing besides running to get your boss’s cup of coffee (Holden 102). 16. The projected employment opportunities, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are supposed to go down to 7%, since technology is basically all we need for graphic design (Graphic Designers). The background of graphic design is very interesting, and we also find out that computers are actually taking jobs away from most companies, which is kind of saddening.
Did you know that all of us, at Durant High School, could actually start now and prepare for jobs as graphic designers? 5. Advanced Courses, or AP classes are good to take to give that extra knowledge, a good elective that we have here at Durant High School that would benefit graphic designers is art, and also, take all the art you can get (Graphic)! Art is one of the most essential courses we can take to study for graphic design. 5. Also to be a graphic designer, you need your high school diploma, or GED, and you need a bachelor’s degree in art or design (Graphic). 6. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design is one of the best schools you could go to get your bachelor’s degree (How to). You must pass all your...

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