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The Grass Is Singing By Doris Lessing

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The novel entitled The Grass is Singing by Doris Lessing is novel that describes most of the real and true happenings in the contemporary society, especially in South Africa. The events of key concern entail the sour relationship between the whites and the blacks in South Africa. In this piece of writing, Doris Lessing describes how the whites despise, disrespect and regard Africans as inferior individuals who should always be under them. On the other hand, the blacks also detest the whites and are not pleased by how the whites treat them in their own land, especially owing to the fact that the eras of colonialism are over. Several characters have been used in this piece of art to bring to understanding the theme of apartheid in South Africa (Lalbakhsh, Wan Roselezam, and Wan Yahya 35).
In the novel, Mary Turner is a young woman who initially decides to go out and search for her independence in terms employment and provision of her daily needs. She finally lands a job as a secretary and seems to be contented with her job and status in the society, till her friends rebuke her that soon she will die an old maid. This pushes her to look for a husband, one which she finds in Richard Turner, also known as Dick. Dick is a poor farmer who owns one of the farms in native South Africa. He is surrounded by white neighbors and his farm is full of black workers (Wang 47).
After her marriage to Richard Turner, Mary Turner realizes that this was not the kind of life she really wanted. She realizes that the farm is full of blacks, something she was not used to back where she had worked as a secretary. The fact that her husband was poor with a lot of debts that she knew he might never be in a position to repay, stressed Mary to a point of depression. Having to have black employees in her farm also worsened her depression. This is because she hated and despised black people and could not withstand their presence in her farm. The scourching heat in the farm and lack of enough water were also other factors that presented big problems to Mary Turner (Lalbakhsh, Wan Roselezam, and Wan Yahya 35).
A change of events arose when Richard Turner employed a new black worker called Moses. Mary despised Moses just like she did to other native workers. Mary was cruel to the black workers as evidenced by how she treated them when she was left in charge of the farm, especially when her husband was sick. She gave them less resting hours and brutally overworked them. Moses is somehow different from the other black employees as he can speak English and he has a different personality that Mary did not understand. Once, Mary Turner hit Moses with a whip when Moses talked to her in English, telling her that he had taken a break so that he could get some water to drink, an act that later on generates hatred in Moses and he makes plans to revenge by killing Mary Turner (Sprague 77).
After hitting Moses, Mary became afraid of Moses, thinking that someday he could revenge what she...

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