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The Graveyard BookThe Graveyard Book is the story about a boy, Nobody "Bod" Owens, who becomes an orphan after his family, is murdered. He wonders into a graveyard where he is taken in and raised by the ghostly residents. When the Author, Neil Gaiman wrote the book, he admits that he was really, really into The Jungle Book which gave him the idea for The Graveyard Book. Knowing that Neil Gaiman received his idea from The Jungle Book and after reading both books, the similarities are very profound.The similarities begin at the start of the each story. Bod wonders out his home after the man Jack killed his family, he wonders into the graveyard where Mr. and Mrs. Owens after speaking to the spirits of Bod's dead parents, ask them to adopt and care for Bod. In the beginning of The Jungle Book, Mowgli the young boy like Bod strays away from his family, after a tiger named Shere Khan, a similar character of the man Jack tries to kill him. Mowgli is then adopted by a wolf pack that will care for him. Each character, Bod and Mowgli were not so easily accepted into their new families in a sense. Mowgli was taken to the wolf council where he was voted to stay with his wolf family by Bagheera and Baloo. Bod's situation was somewhat similar, there was debate if the ghostly residents were prepared or capable of taking care of a "living boy". Mr. and Mrs. Owens had already accepted the responsibility to care for Bod but the other residents of the graveyard still did not agree. Silas the man who was nor living or dead and a resident of the graveyard as well, declared to be Bod's guardian. There was still some reluctance from the graveyard folk when a lady on horse, "Lady on the Grey" appears and simply says "The dead should have charity" (Gaiman, 29). At that moment the debate was over and the decision was made, Bod was there to stay and he will have the freedom of the graveyard.Once Bod was accepted into his new life, just as Mowgli was in The Jungle Book, it came with rules and laws that he would need to learn and abide by. In The Jungle Book, Mowgli was taught by Baloo and in many ways from Bagheera as well. Bod was taught by his guardian Silas and when he was away, Miss Lupescu would step in. There were many other ghostly residents within the story that helped with teaching Bod certain things. Bod was given the freedom of the graveyard and in his teachings from Silas he learned that it meant the graveyard will take care of him. He will be able to see in the darkness, walk in ways that the "living" cannot travel, and slip through the eyes of the living. He was also taught "normal" things that a "living" boy would learn, he was taught the alphabet, how to read, and write.They were many other important lessons Bod...

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