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What is science? We probably last read a callow definition about science back in the 8th grade, but I highly doubt many realize its significance. The word “Science” is derived from the Latin word Scientia, which in translation means knowledge. Hence science can only be truly defined by obtaining knowledge through observing, studying, practicing and by experience. It’s amazing how science is hidden in every nook and corner of everyday life, but most people fail to question the importance of science and the scientific methods used. I feel that everyone should question, “Why is science important to me?” Every action we do from eating to sleeping in our everyday life, science is behind it. It could be extremely simple or something beautifully complex. We may not realize how everything we do is related to science in one way or another. But once you do actually start questioning with that mindset, everything becomes so much more interesting and hence we value those little things more. It also helps us to think critically and creatively in many situations. Science is divided into 3 main subjects : Physics, Chemistry and Biology. “Physics is the study of the universe in general. It studies the fundamental laws, principles and particles that make up the universe. Chemistry studies characteristics of matter, interactions between matter and energy. Biology studies every living substance and related things (viruses). This turns out to be very complex chemistry, which in turn falls in place under the principles of physics.” All of which are interdependable on each other.
As a kid, all of us know how annoying we may get. We frequently ask questions about almost everything that happens. “Mom, Why is the sky blue now and later its red?” or perhaps “Hey dad, why do I have to eat this?” Endless numbers of questions are thrown at our parents, some of which they may know the reason behind it or they may just make up an extremely bizarre theory to answer us. My mum always narrates this story from my childhood to me. When I was a little kid and we were on a holiday in India, my mum was talking to someone while carrying me on the side of an extremely busy street and on the opposite side of the road lay a stray dog. I leaped out of my mother’s hands and ran across the street then begun hugging the stray dog. My mom was scared that I’d get bitten but fortunately the dog didn’t. As she ran to pull me away, I asked “But mom, why can’t I hug the cute doggie? She explained to me how dogs may have rabies and if they do bite, one would begin acting like a dog as they slowly fade away. This got me thinking about hey how does this work? From that moment on, I was even more inquisitive than I was previously. Then as I begun to age, most of my time spent was on reading books, but not just any books. Most of them would include learning anatomy and coaching horses as well as tell me how? Or tell me why? As a growing child at that time, you could clearly see that my interests laid...

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