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POW! BANG!RATATATATATATa! Machine gun fire and mine blasts covered the freshly snowed on mountain side. It was mid-summer but there was still snow all over the place. In fact there had just been a blizzard. But that’s what the weather was like here in northern Russia. Agent 001 had scarcely made it out of the flaming Indian base when the hills echoed with gun shots. He had accomplished the main part of his mission, destroying secret files that contained nuclear launch codes, but the part of getting away without getting killed was going to be the hard part.
As john opened the balcony door, he knew it was going to be a beautiful morning. The sun was shining and everyone was blissful over the ...view middle of the document...

It was a true beauty this time. An apache helicopter with stealth panels, missiles, and a mini-gun on the bottom of the nose. He went in the helicopter and found a backpack. He unzipped it and found an ak47 u with a silencer, a computer, and a master key that worked on any lock.
“50 miles to destination” the computer said. 001 looked up from the pilot seat of the helicopter. He must have fallen asleep. He looked out the window and saw nothing but white all over the ground. He looked ahead and couldn’t see anything. He then pulled some binoculars out from under the seat and look ahead. He saw the fort. A black pillar of smoke was rising from the animal skin huts. He could see the sun reflecting off the bunker in the middle of the fort. He then turned off the auto pilot function and dropped closer to the ground. Turning on the stealth panels, he knew he would be invisible to their radar. “10 miles to destination” the computer said. This looked like it was going to be an easy mission, there was absolutely no resistance. Just at that moment the monitors on the helicopter went crazy, it was tracking a missile headed straight for the helicopter. Turning as sharp as he could the missile only grazed the helicopter, but that was enough. The missile had scraped off just enough stealth panels off to make all of the panels stop working. 001 knew he would have to go in strong now. ...

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