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The Great Alcatraz Escape, 1962 Essay

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One evening on the Twelfth of July, 1962, three men escaped the ‘so-called’ inescapable, maximum security prison that we know as Alcatraz. There are many speculations related to whether they made it out alive or not. Either way, Frank Lee Morris, Clarence Anglin, and John Anglin accomplished an amazing feat by making history with the most well thought out plan. There is a lot of evidence that proves, without a doubt, that these men made it out alive, and that they did.
Alcatraz is located in the middle of the San Francisco bay. It officially became a prison in 1934 and was built to house and contain the most notorious criminals of that time. There were 14 escape attempts total involving ...view middle of the document...

From their, they made their way down a pipe that runs down the side of the cell house. Eventually, they got to a path that led towards the water. This is the spot they supposedly inflated their raft, made of raincoats, and improvised life vests then set set sail.
The first piece of evidence to support that they did survive and complete the escape successfully is that inmate Allen West was questioned by the FBI and said that the original plan was to head to Angel Island. After making it their they would go to the mainland. Due to the fact that all the other evidence and statements regarding the escape that West gave to the FBI was correct this is very likely to be true. Frank Lee Morris, and the Anglin brothers betrayed him and left him behind. This is a likely true due to the credibility of Allen West in this situation.
The “Great Escape” was very publicized and is still a focus of media today. The famous show on the discovery channel, Mythbusters, put the mystery of the escape to the test. The team built a boat made from similar raincoats to Alcatraz on a night where the current of the river was the same as the day in 1962. Based on the way the boat traveled the escapees most likely did not make it to Angel island, but made it to a smaller island in the near by. This island is in the bay, near the golden gate bridge, on the opposite side of San Francisco.
The next and arguably the best evidence that they made it out alive is that 5 days after the escape the FBI received a letter in the mail. This letter had the message ‘ha ha we made it’ and three signatures, Frank Morris as well as both of the Anglin brothers. These signatures were not proven to be theirs due to lack of information related to their handwriting and actual signatures. There was also no DNA what-so-ever on the letter. However, If you were a prisoner who escaped, would you want to leave your DNA?
Some people chose to believe...

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