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The Great Altering Of Government Perspective

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After the prosperous age of the Golden Twenties, the Great Depression plunged the United States into the most severe economic downturn in history. Companies went bankrupt, workers were fired in multitudes, and the nation’s money supply all but vanished. During the crisis, one quarter of the entire nation was unemployed. The New Deal caused Americans to view their government with a new perspective that has forever changed American politics. How did the Great Depression and New Deal transform American politics?
The prosperity of the 1920’s came to an abrupt halt when the stock market crashed in 1929. The cause of the Great Depression was triggered by a combination of reasons. Americans had ...view middle of the document...

Banks were forced to close and entire life savings vanished. During Hoover’s presidency around 20 percent of banks failed because they had no deposit insurance (5). One collapse would then expedite another as bankers withdrew all of their money. Then because of the banking crisis, businesses were affected from consumers’ fear of purchasing new products on credit and unwillingness to buy company goods. Companies had to scale back proportionately and lay off millions of workers. By1932, nearly a quarter of the entire population was left unemployed (4).
While the stock market crash, banking crisis, and business bankruptcies were some of the causes of the Great Depression, they were not the only origins. The world was in a global depression from the debts of World War I and the economic issues in Europe waned the U.S. economy. Another issue was the poor distribution of wealth. A trifling 1% of the United States had their income increase dramatically by over 60% whereas the poorest of Americans had their incomes cutback (4).
Hoover’s response to the severe economic downturn was that of laissez-faire in hopes that the depression would fade and eventually the economy would raise itself again. Despite American demands for food and shelter, Hoover rejected the ideas of direct government aid. Although many others also had this belief of Individualism, communities and charities did not have the resources to combat the vast amount of misery. Eventually, Hoover created the President’s Committee for Unemployment Relief (PCUR) to assist state relief efforts. Those appointed made donations to private relief organizations such as the Red Cross and the YMCA (Young Mans Christian Association) and urged Americans to contribute. However, this proved ineffectual and the misery of the depression continued to the same degree. Hoover was opposed to direct aid from the government but he did try to stimulate the economy through funding $800 million into public work programs (4). The most famous of the work programs was the colossal construction of the Hoover Dam, along with 800 public buildings and 37,000 miles of highway (4). Nevertheless, the public work programs had minimal effect on the Depression. Moreover, Hoover tried other methods besides direct relief by creating programs that allowed the people to find ways to help themselves. One of these programs was the Federal Farm Board, which reduced farmers’ expenses, bought up surplus produce, and allowed farmers to purchase equipment more frugally in bulk. Hoover then tried to stabilize banks with the Home Loan Bank Act and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC), which used $2 billion in taxpayer money to alleviate troubled banks and helped many large corporations avoid bankruptcy. Some critics were enraged by these policies because they believed that loaning money to the full-size corporations would do nothing to help the people who were suffering at the bottom. However, one can see the reasoning in Hoover’s...

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