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Getting The Us Back On Its Feet During The Great Depression

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The U.S economy hit an all time low when the stock market crashed in October 29, 1929, and it was a starting point to what we identify as the The Great Depression . Once the stock market crashed everything changed. Citizens lost jobs,there was a loss of money, homelessness ,despair, and so much more. No one could bare this much longer , and the government decided they had to help.The Government then became more involved with the economy , more than before ,to help solve the problem;former president Franklin Roosevelt's administration made all efforts to get the country back to its feet.
To begin before the depression the government had virtually no contact with the economy because of the laissez-faire philosophy on how to deal with the economy. This philosophy was basically one that stated that government should intervene as little as possible in the direction of economic affairs. As the twenties kept progressing though this theory did not help with the economy. After the stock market crash of 1929 people were left with almost nothing and President Hoover was not doing as much as he could to help save the economy, and he became the one to blame. Hoover was “...convinced that where Federal action is should limit its responsibilities to supplement the States and local communities.” (Doc.3) That limitation was one of the main problems for this great depression. Once elections started the majority did not want Hoover re-elected because of how poorly he was working to try and get the economy back on track.
Before long Franklin Roosevelt became the president that would help during these hard times.The Franklin Administration got the government to be more involved with the economy, which was a turning point for the government because as mentioned before the governments entanglement was as limited as...

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