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The Great Athena: Manipulation Of Odysseus

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The Wayne family returns from the theater on a rainy night, unfortunately though, the shortcut they take is Gotham’s notorious “Crime Alley.” A stray mugger holds up the Wayne Family and takes all of their money, but feeling that it is not enough, he shoots and kills both Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne. That night, Bruce vows to avenge his parents and wage war against crime. However, unbeknownst to Bruce, his very own father pulls the strings. Thomas connects him with Officer Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth, supplies him with the necessary tools and fabricates his own death in order to harden his son into a crime fighting machine. Bruce is much like Odysseus in his determination to bring justice to criminals and that the heroes’ actions are working for the favor of the masterminds behind them. Athena works through Odysseus in his acts of vengeance to deal out justice because she does not want to shed blood herself.
Throughout the Iliad and the Odyssey, Athena meddles in the affairs of mortals, leading them to do her will without having to change directly the course of history herself. Athena guides the kings of Achaea into the war against Troy to reclaim Helen and because of her influence, they return victorious. In the Iliad, Helen is taken to Troy by Prince Paris, and later claimed by Deiphobus, when the red-haired king Menelaus is away. Upon hearing of this treachery, Menelaus calls his brother and the kings of Greece together to gather a force to bring back his wife. Odysseus is one of these kings, and Athena, favoring Odysseus, guides the men in their efforts and shows them the path to victory. Athena saves Odysseus and the men cached inside of the legendary “Trojan Horse” as Helen circles the figure “challenging all our fighters, calling each by name… [Anticlus] was hot to salute [Helen] now but Odysseus clamped his great hands on the man’s mount and shut it… holding on grim-set till Pallas Athena lured [Helen] off at last” (IV 312, 320-324). Athena, using only her power of influence and not force, removes Helen from the hidden men and rescues the warriors from the death that they would have received if the Trojan’s had found them. As a result of this, the men are able to sack the city and bring the war to a close. By her simple action, Athena effectively administers justice towards Prince Deiphobus and Troy without taking any lives or injuring men by her own hands. Odysseus, with the help of Telemachus, claims the lives of every suitor for trespassing into his home. But Odysseus urges one man to leave for safety, telling him that “you seem like a good man to me… may some power save you, spirit you home before you meet [Odysseus] face-to-face” (XVIII 125, 167-168). Alas, Amphinous did not heed Odysseus’ words as “Athena had bound him fast to death / at the hands of Prince Telemachus and his spear"(XVIII 178-179). The death of Amphinous shows how despite Odysseus’ attempt at sparing a suitor is useless because the master plan is Athena’s, not...

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