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The Good Behavior Game: An Oldie But A Goodie

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Chapter 2: Literature Review

The Good Behavior Game: An Oldie but a Goodie

Many teachers, especially new teachers, struggle with off-task behaviors in the classroom and finding ways to implement strategies that will correct or improve those behaviors. When teachers systematically implement class-wide interventions, teacher-student interactions become more positive, students are more engaged, and teachers are able to focus on teaching appropriate behaviors (Conroy, Marsh, Snyder, & Sutherland, 1987). The Good Behavior Game (GBG) is a contingency group game designed to improve the teachers ability to define tasks, set rules and discipline students, reduce disruptive aggressive, off-task and shy behaviors in elementary aged children and promote good behavior by rewarding teams that do not exceed maladaptive behavior standards (Conroy, Marsh, Snyder, & Sutherland, 1987).

Rules of the Game

The Good Behavior Game is designed to help improve the teacher’s ability to define tasks, set rules and discipline students (Conroy, Marsh, Snyder, & Sutherland, 1987). The Good Behavior Game can be used during quiet or independent work periods to reduce distracting behaviors within the classroom, such as staying seated, raising your hand to be called on and talking out of turn. The Good Behavior Game is also used to promote good behavior by rewarding teams for their good behaviors. Teachers should incorporate the game more than once throughout the day to keep the students involved. The teacher and students should come up with the rewards together, that way students are more likely to work hard and stay focused during quiet and independent work. Some examples of reinforces could include stickers, treats, classroom coupons (such as homework pass, extra computer time, etc). Whole class rewards could include extra recess, indoor activities and parties for reaching a certain goal.

The rules of the game are simple and can be taught in about 20 minutes. Within five easy steps, students can be taught to play the Good Student Game. Step 1: Define student appropriate behaviors (such as listening, following directions, paying attention and trying their best). Step 2: Have students role-play examples and non-examples of good student behavior (such as “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”). Step 3: Have student’s model examples of acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors (such as talking out of turn, getting out of their seat without permission, etc). While the students are modeling such behaviors, the teacher will monitor good student behaviors (those who were doing as they were asked). Step 4: Practice playing the Good Student Game. Divide the class into two teams. Write team names on the chalkboard. If any student breaks a rule while the game is going on, the teacher makes a mark by the name of the team in which the disruptive student is a member. When the end of time (teacher instruction) is complete, the team who has the fewest...

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