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The Great Depression In Literature Essay

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Abascal 1Victoria AbascalMr. Jason SpannEnglish 1129 September 2014The Great Depression In LiteraturePlace, in the literary sense of the word, has many different meanings. For one, place is defined as the physical aspect of the environment in which we live. And another definition would be that place is used to define the setting in which writing and other similar skills happen (Scaliger.) In the literally world, place is often combined with the events and the time in order to establish and know the social context or setting of a certain literary work. The Great Depression (1929-1939,) was the longest and hardest economic slump in the history of the Western industrialized world. In the U.S.A, the Great Depression began shortly after the market crash on October 1929; which then sent Wall Street into panic and washed away millions of investors (Lathbury.) Two works that represent the way in which the setting of the Great Depression is represented in the story are Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and America's Great Depression by Murray N. Rothbard. Place is absolutely important when it comes to understanding a writers work since the symbolization of the place adds up to the large meaning of what the writer wants to deliver to the readers.On October 29, 1929, the economic world turned upside down. What was known as "The Roaring Twenties," or the stock prices, which had risen to unstable levels, began to falter (The Great Depression.) Since the beginning of September that same year, the stock market had already lost about a 17 percent of its real value, and almost a week before it all happened, on October 24, there was a decline that became a free fall, motivating leaders of the U.S. financiers to increase their market prices on large blocks of blue-chip stocks in the last attempt to avoid a market collapse (The Great Depression.) The stock market kept declining despite these ideals in order to avoid it. And so, unemployment started and incomes stopped for those who had stable jobs. The use of bank money, or credits, for household, furniture, purchase of homes and cars resulted in repossessions and foreclosures. As there was a costumer buying power decay, the industrial production fell, business began to fail, and many more workers lost they jobs (Taylor.) Farmers had already been though a depression during the 1920s, caused by the downfall of food prices with the loss of trade markets after World War I and years of deficiency that were marked by massive dust storms that contaminated skies and wind-swept the land of topsoil (Taylor.) And as city residents began to loose their homes, the farmers lost their lands and equipment, and so, they had to leave and close their farms. President Herbert Hoover underestimated the whole depression by calling it a simple incident that will be over in less than 60 days. He was a very strong believer in harsh individualism; hence, he didn't think that the federal government should proposal to the poverty-stricken...

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