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The Great Depression In The United States

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The United States? Downfall
Screams, tears, and cries for help were all part of America's downfall. From 1929 through 1941 there was only one thing that was plentiful, sorrow. During this time the United States was faced with another obstacle. It changed America in many ways. One hard struggle lead to the next. The later events all started with the crash of the stock market. This period can only be explained by its name. So, the stock market crash in the United States caused businesses to close, banks to fall, and many people to become unemployed, causing this twelve-year period of suffering to become known as ?The Great Depression?.
As stated by Nelson Cary in his overview of the Great Depression, ?the core of the problem was the immense disparity between the country?s productive capacity and the ability of people to consume?. There were more introductions of new items in the United States than before, during, or after World War I. The Government had tremendous debt from this war. The economy suffered greatly during this time because of the immense deficits left from the war. The farmers and the wage earners received printed money that actually had no true value. The overproduction made the lower class, such as farmers and trade smiths, become part of the higher class. Therefore there was not a balance between lower and higher, thus making the market tip. The bottom line was that paper money at that time had no real value. So, even if you had money, people would not take it because there was not a balance for the banks to stand on. Most people then were categorized to be in the lower class. So now, once again there was not a balance between lower and higher class.
All people experienced suffering. ?Brother, can you spare a dime,? went the refrain of a popular song of this period. The family unit was the part of society that suffered greatly. In this time, women, men, and children had to pitch in order to survive. The women of this time took on jobs and did work. They sold apples, potatoes, and other items grown from their gardens to provide for the family. The children of this time were not like children today. They had greater responsibility around the house since their mothers were out working. They had to watch younger siblings. Some of them even took jobs. They would get up hours before dawn and sell papers. They had many tricks to earn even more money. They would say they did not have change, yell false news, and go door to door selling the newspapers. For the men in the family they had a hard decision to make. They could stay at home and hope to find small jobs or join a work camp. The government tried to help...

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